This is a 7.6kg newborn. How did your birth go?

Let’s all just take a moment to clasp our hands together and say a small prayer of thanks to whomever or whatever you believe, that you did not give birth to a 7.6kg baby last weekend. Because a woman in Texas did just that on the weekend and we must all try to think of her without wincing.

Nup, I can’t either.

NBC reports:

Coming out of the womb weighing more than 16 pounds, JaMichael Brown couldn’t even fit in one of his home state’s famous 10-gallon hats. Even in a place where everything is reputedly bigger, the newborn boy may have set the record for the biggest baby ever born in Texas.

As big as a 3-6 month old

Johnson, a geriatric nurse who suffered gestational diabetes during her pregnancy with JaMichael, was used to having big babies, but the largest she had ever delivered before weighed in at 8 pounds. This time around, her doctor told her to expect a baby weighing between 12 and 13 pounds.

But doctors underestimated just how big JaMichael would be. When he came into the world via Cesarean section a little after 9 a.m. last Friday, he weighed 16 pounds, 1 ounce. JaMichael was born with a full head of hair, measuring a full 2 feet long with a head measurement of 15 inches and a chest measuring 17 inches.



Right. So it’s been a while since we shared birth stories. I wrote about mine extensively in my book Mamamia but I’ve never met a mother who didn’t have an interesting birth story to tell and there’s something cathartic about sharing it. So if you’ve had a baby, tell us, how did it go? Did it match your expectations?

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