Sometimes, my phone is more interesting than my child.

Yes, sometimes it is.

We have all seen this parent at the park.

Hell, sometimes we are this parent at the park.

Slack Mum. Or, you know, just checking the time? (via Tumblr Parents on Phones)

You might be her, right now. And seriously, you don’t need the judgement.

If you are a living, breathing, busy parent of living, breathing, busy kids, is it really  vital to witness the making of the 17th mud pie? No. And on the 25th go-around of “Why is the sky blue?” is it a sin to read  something else?

When This Glorious Mess host Andrew Daddo spotted a hipster dad at the park judged. HE JUDGED:

But actually, shameful parental police, what if that phone time is doing something that is (gasp) actually for the benefit of your children?

You might be arranging them a playdate. You might be attending to work emails so you don’t have to be in the office, and instead you get to spend the day with your child. OR you might just be on Facebook, finding out what’s going on with your friends and telling them what’s going on with you so you don’t lose.your.mind.

Hosts Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright have very different ideas about their phones.  It’s all in This Glorious Mess, Mamamia’s Parenting Podcast.

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But first. Really, seriously… sometimes your phone is more interesting than your child, yes?