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PODCAST: This Glorious Mess #29: Did Daddo just have a midlife?

Andrew Daddo is a pretty relaxed guy.

The Kahuna, we call him around here.  The father of three drives an old stick shift Holden. Doesn’t watch TV (well, apart from The Bachelor, obvs). Plays a bit of golf. Likes fishing. Walks slowly.  You get the picture.


RELAXED. (via instagram/andrewdaddo)

So when we heard this week that he went on an adventure surf trip with drones in the Maldives, we were like WTF, Daddo? Is that you?

This is the guy who banned the TV. Who says no junk food in the house. But seems on holidays,  nothing will stop Andrew Daddo in his quest to be #cooldad.

On a once in a lifetime father/son surfing trip, Daddo took a drone with him.  He was after some gnarly aerial shots of the surf. So when the time came, he got his drone out. He did his drone things. And when his 16 year old offered to help him with the drone, he said in his best cool and relaxed dad voice “no son.  I’ve got it.”

Guess what happened next.

Poor Daddo.

No one will ever know he went surfing with drones in the Maldives. His instagram page will never know the hashtag delights of #cooldad #drones #whatevs #socool

This week on This Glorious Mess, the podcast for imperfect parents, it’s a highlight reel of our episodes. We have loads of new listeners so we’ve taken some of the best bits of the last 28 shows and put them into one, just in case you missed it.

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