Andrew Daddo was surfing with his 7yo son. And then he saw the fin.

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There are some moments that stay with you for ever.

Andrew Daddo had just paddled out for a surf with his seven year old son Felix when he saw it.

Slick, pointy, lethal, and coming towards them.  A fin.

He knew instantly it wasn’t a dolphin.  He saw the tail fin come up, and gauged its size. And in that moment, realised he needed to get out of the water as quickly as possible without panicking or alarming his son, who was oblivious to the danger, and paddling further away from him.

What did he do?

This week on the podcast for parents, the incredible story of what happens when you’re scared witless in front of your kids.

The way Daddo handled the situation was extraordinary. But the reaction of his son, once his feet touched the sand, was even better. 

Daddo’s tribe of fearless surfers
Every parent knows the fear of realising how easily your child could be hurt.  And in those moments of danger – where you are scared witless – how can you maintain a calm facade, be the big wise parent, and protect your child from being scared too?
And so to the big Question. Are there just some things it’s too dangerous to do once you’re a parent?

The whole episode is here;

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Daddo won’t ever let his kids watch Jaws…the cost, he says, is too much. There’s nothing he wants them to see that would keep them out of the water. Here’s hoping they’re not listening to the podcast either. Because it’s the parenting podcast that’s not exactly for little ears.

Also this week: Would you pack a BYO healthy lunch for your kid to take to a birthday party? Is there anything wrong with suggesting, Michelle Bridges-style, that your health and fitness regime helped you get pregnant? And should kids be banned from restaurants?

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What have you stopped doing now you’re a parent?