Game of Thrones fans uncover startling information about Jon Snow.

After the epic finale of season six of Game of Thrones we now know who Jon Snow’s parents are…but that doesn’t mean we know everything about Jon Snow.

According to a crazy theory, the newly hailed King in the North may have a secret twin. And it’s the last person you’d expect.

Many believe that Jon Snow and Meera Reed – who’s been stuck beyond the wall with Bran for what feels like forever – are actually twins.

Is Meera Jon Snow's secret twin sister? Photo: HBO

The proof?

In one of the pivotal scenes of the final episode, a dying Lyanna hands a baby Jon Snow to her brother, Ned, making him promise that he will look after him and keep him safe from the Targaryen-hating Robert Baratheon.

Lyanna dies soon afterwards, but there's one person who is still around to watch everything unfold: Howland Reed, Meera and Jojen's father.

Video via HBO

Perhaps, after watching his sister welcome another baby after Jon, Ned decides raising two children is too much to handle, so he persuaded Howland to take Meera and raise her as his own.

Meera has played a rather large role in the show of late - she's the only person left with Bran beyond the wall, after the death of her brother Jojen and their companion Hodor (no we don't want to talk about Hodor, we're still not over it) lost their lives.

With news that the next season of the show will be even more delayed (thanks to some super summery weather), we're going to have to wait A LONG TIME to find out if this theory has any legs.

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