This ad was banned in Italy. Fingers, it seems, can be offensive.


The Italian Advertising Institute (IAI) has banned this ad for Tom Ford sunglasses with a man putting his finger in a woman’s mouth. Oddly, it wasn’t bothered by the other shots in the series – a naked woman clutching a man’s crotch and another with a naked woman ironing while a man sits smoking a cigar (personally, I find THAT offensive! Ironing! Cigars! Two of my least favourite things in the world).

The IAI has called the finger pic  "sexually implicit," harping on its "explicit and
provocative character," and saying the image "goes beyond acceptable
limits for advertising aimed at the general public.
The ad "is an offensive gesture which insults women and the dignity of all", it concluded.

Do you remember the Gucci campaign where Tom Ford had a woman’s
pubic hair shaved into the shape of a Gucci G? That was spesh. But not
offensive apparently.

That ad, plus another inoffensive Tom Ford ad after the jump.


EAU DE HOOHA The real Tom Ford fragrance ad

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