The best tweets from the third and final US presidential debate.

We can probably all agree that the best part of the current US election can be summarised in one word: memes.

You see, everyone is feeling a little disillusioned by the whole ‘a-man-who-had-his-own-reality-show-a-few-years-ago-and-hates-women-could-be-the-leader-of-the-Western-world’ thing.

Thankfully, although we live in a particularly depressing political climate, we also exist at the same time as social media — and thus, the possibility of live commentary of the joke that is Donald Trump.

So instead of trying to explain to you whatever the hell just happened in the third and final presidential debate, I’m simply going to show you via a selection of sufficiently witty tweets.


We fully prepared ourselves for complete chaos. Because Donald Trump doesn’t understand the concept of ‘taking turns.’

Trump said he wanted to keep the constitution the way it was meant to be.

The debate moved to the topic of abortion.

But wait no, seriously.

Trump used the word ‘bigly.’

Trump appears to know nothing about foreign policy/Russia/US intelligence. Pretty sure he says some scary shit.

He says something about ‘bad hombres’ and Twitter officially goes into meltdown.

Hillary calls Trump Putin’s ‘puppet,’ and like the genius debater he is, Trump replies, ‘YOU’RE THE PUPPET.’

Hillary delivers the perfect contrast of her and Donald’s lives.

Trump continues to interrupt with ‘MY TURN.’

Trump is challenged on his alleged sexual assaults. Responds by saying a) they women accusing him are just fame hungry, and b) he hasn’t even apologised to his wife.

Sorry we’re still not over this moment.

Trump generally says a lot of things that definitely are not true.

Hillary continues to roast Trump.

Trump (incorrectly) argues he can’t be quoted.

This is Hillary’s general attitude.

This is our general attitude.

We look forward to the post-debate debrief.