Abbie Kilbride experienced third-degree burns after teeth-whitening treatment.

Like many young women, Abbie Kilbride thought the worst thing that could result from a teeth whitening session was barely-noticeable results.

But after booking an at-home teeth-whitening treatment, Kilbride, who’d just had her braces removed, suffered horrific third-degree burns and a mouth that resembled “Kylie Jenner‘s”.

In a Facebook post, Kilbride has issued a warning to those considering at-home teeth whitening treatment, particularly with the same woman she booked in with, and we’re listening.

Kilbride sat in the woman’s house for over an hour and “every 10 to 15 minutes she would top up the gel on my teeth.” The woman, who is unnamed, allegedly didn’t ask any questions about her age, her dental history or whether she had had her teeth whitened previously.

When the treatment ended, Kilbride noticed that her mouth felt numb. She assumed that this was because of the gum shield that’d been in her mouth for over an hour.

However, when she looked in the mirror, she noticed that her lips were significantly swollen.

As she tried to communicate her concern to the woman, Kilbride realised that she was having difficulty speaking. The beautician insisted that if she put lipstick on, then “it would all be fine.”

Kilbride has shared the resulting photos on her personal Facebook page as a warning to anyone considering the treatment.

The next morning, the ordeal was far from over. Her two lips were “literally stuck together” and she recalls how “the whole right side of my lip was huge as if I had been in a boxing ring.”

At this point, Kilbride went to the GP who took one look and laughed, telling her that what she had done “was extremely stupid and it was a lesson learned.”


As the day went on, Kilbride says that her “whole mouth felt like it was on fire”, and she couldn’t open her mouth to speak or eat as “it felt like my gums were about to rip apart.”

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Video by Lauren Curtis

Despite messaging the woman three times, she heard no response, and therefore cannot determine what ingredients might have been in the treatment.

Kilbride ended up at Gladgow Dental Hospital, who have conjectured that the burns were sustained as a result of an allergic reaction.

Her message to anyone considering the treatment?

“DO NOT just go to anyone to get your teeth whitened. I was completely unaware that only a dentist can give you this treatment so if you’re booked in anywhere other than a dentist/dental nurse please please stay away!”

Image: Facebook.