Think you know how many people you've slept with? Think again.

If someone asked you for your ‘number’ (you know, that number) you might start thinking back through your own sexual history.

High-school boyfriends, that girl from your Spanish tute at uni, holiday romances and long term partners…

But the truth of the matter is, one way or another you’ve been exposed to the people you’ve slept with, and every other person on each of their lists as well.

In an effort to promote awareness of sexual health and the risks of sexually transmitted infections, UK Online doctor (yeah, we know. Just go with it) Dr Ed has developed an online calculator to help you determine your REAL number.

Members of team Mamamia confess: How much sex are you having? (post continues after video):

“Even if your own number is low, the number of people you’ve been exposed to via indirect sexual contact is almost certainly far higher, including countless people you haven’t even met,” the site reads.

“In the calculator below, the number of people you’ve been exposed to within six degrees of connection is calculated.”

You enter the number of sexual partners you have had and how many partners you this each of those partners has had. The calculator gives you “the true scale of your sexual exposures throughout six degrees.”

Ok, so it does require a bit of guess work.

Even if you could ask them all the question, you’d need to be sure they were telling you the truth.

The website also offers links to official statistics for STI rates in each country to determine your potential risk for contracting certain infections including: Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, herpes and HIV, just to name a few.

Your number might be high, but keep in mind this is not a diagnostic tool, it is simply designed to highlight POTENTIAL risks.