Think before you shop

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Breathe. In, Now out. Focus on your breath as you take the air in through your nose, fill your lungs and breathe out again feeling the air escape.  Feeling calm? Relaxed? Okay now shop.

Sometimes I feel like I need this little breathing mantra before I take on the supermarket.  Huge shopping complexes  are prone to making me jumpy and a little claustrophobic.  All that lighting and aisles and plastic and products!  But the family have to eat and they insist on wearing clothes and having STUFF and I am the one that has provide this.

There is a growing alternative to the  breathing exercises in the car park (trust me it’s not an ideal place to practice mindfulness). Thinking about your shopping and making conscious decisions to buy in a more meaningful way then the traditional supermarket dash, can actually improve your lifestyle. And some of these tips are even easier than focussing on your breathing.  Have a look at these suggestions  brought to you by The Organic Expo & Green Show

1. Buy and eat whole foods.  The less ingredients in a food the better it is for you as a general  rule

2. Use products that are not tested on animals. It is better for the animals and for your karma

3. Buy fair trade coffee and chocolates. While enjoying these luxuries you can ensure that the people growing the cocoa and the beans are not enslaved. You’re also actively encouraging democratic stability in the countries where these products are grown which is pretty special


4. Use skin care products that are allergy free and don’t contain chemicals or harsh additives – your skin will thank you by breathing easier

5. Buy your fruit and vegetable in season. No air miles, no refrigeration – just nutritious food the way it was meant to be eaten

6. Use a stainless steel water bottle instead of plastic disposable ones – they are one of the largest landfill rubbish items

7. Buy fresh ingredients from your local farmers market, support the local farmers and keep it fresh

8. Wear organic cotton so that you are free from dyes and insecticides used in conventional cotton products

9. Avoid using plastic to heat your food in. Buy glass jars and containers for storage

10. Recycle. Recycle. Recycle and take your own bags when you go shopping.

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Mamamia and The Organic Expo & Green Show are giving away 10 pairs of tickets to the Expo in Sydney.  All you need to do is tell us what changes you have made to your shopping practices in order to create a better lifestyle for yourself or your family.  The comments with the most thumbs up wins the tickets.

Easy as breathing

What is your tip? How can we become more conscious shoppers?

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