From blowjobs to anxiety: 8 things your dentist knows about you just from looking at your mouth.

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Dentists know when their patients have been giving blowjobs... and omg, please make it stop.

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In a viral video, TikToker @cianmcbrien basically made us want to curl up and cry:



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The claim went crazy on TikTok, with many users questioning whether this is actually a thing that is true.

So, in the name of investigative journalism, I asked my dentist. And, let me tell you, it's not exactly a comfortable convo to have with your family dentist. Especially if your family dentist also happens to be.... YOUR BROTHER. 

#RIP our relationship.

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But! He confirmed that, yeah - he can tell when people have been giving blowjobs... and I'm absolutely screaming.

"As dentists, we can tell a whole lot about a person in a routine appointment," said cosmetic dentist (and my now very distant brother) Dr Aodhan Docherty from About Smiles.

"For example, just by looking at a set of teeth alone, we can tell a lot about someone's diet. Too much sugar? Cavities. Too much lemon water? Worn teeth. But there are other things we check besides the teeth that can tell us even more. And, some of these things don't really warrant a long-winded conversation..."

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Here's a round-up of things dentists know about you just from looking at your mouth.

1. You've given someone a blow job.

Let's do a deep dive of the best one first, yes? 


Apparently there’s a certain spot in your mouth that gives the telltale sign you’ve been getting absolutely speed-balled in the uvula.


"We see little bruises or petechiae on the back of the throat in a... round shape. The more of an impact, the more little bruises," said Dr Docherty. 

So, obviously these bruises will depend on how recent you gave someone a blowjob and just how rigorous it was. 

If it was like a year ago, then the bruises will have healed. But if it was a mere week ago - then, yeah, they'll probably know.

"Another dead giveaway is pubic hair stuck between teeth - yes, we see pubes regularly stuck between teeth."

I... I'm in shock.

Image: Giphy 

"Unless there are signs of abuse or any other warning signs then we don't bring this up."

2. You smoke... even though you say you don't.

Sorry, friend - you can't fool your dentist into thinking you don't smoke if you do, 'cause staining is REAL.

"When patients come in and say 'I swear I don't smoke'... we can often tell if you're lying," said Dr Docherty.

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"While coffee is the big culprit when it comes to teeth staining, smoking leaves a distinct dark brown stain on the inside surfaces of the teeth. Puffing smoke into your mouth skips past the front surfaces and marinates on the inner surfaces of the teeth. Often you can't see these types of stains on the outer surface."


"If a patient tells me they don't smoke and has these stains, I never push an 'anti-smoking' agenda or pass judgement, because it is important for people to feel comfortable coming to see us."

3. You're anxious/stressed AF.

Grinding your teeth or biting your cheeks is likely something you probably don’t even know you’re doing - but dentists say it can reveal a lot about your headspace.

"When you're stressed, you'll often grind or clench your teeth, which creates a ragged ground down area on the side of the cheeks and tongue. This is often accompanied by tender sore jaw muscles, sore neck muscles (even right up the back of the neck), headaches and migraines."

Sound familiar?

"This is something we do discuss with our patients but they often don't realise until we show them that they have been biting their own cheeks and tongue."

4. You're pregnant.

"If my patient is a woman who has otherwise had really good gum health and then suddenly develops bad gingivitis - this may indicate pregnancy."

Mind. Blown.

"This is caused by increased progesterone - a hormone that naturally reaches high levels during pregnancy. This hormone causes the growth of bacteria, causing gingivitis. Some women might also develop a red lump (it's like a little bubble) on their gums - called pyogenic granuloma."  

5. Which hand you hold your pen in.

Without even looking at your hands, a dentist can detect habits like nail biting and chewing pens. 


"The front tooth that shows signs of wear and tear is usually the side that you hold your pen on. That's because biting down on your pen/putting it in your mouth wears a groove into the front tooth due to the constant stress on them. 

"The same goes for nail biters - chips and cracking of the teeth can indicate patients that bite their nails (it's due to the rubbing of the top and bottom teeth)."

6. You used to suck your thumb as a kid.

Yep. Your dentist can even tell if you sucked your thumb when you were little. Cute! But also, kinda not good...

"If you sucked your thumb when you were a child, you'll have what's called an open bite," said Dr Docherty.


"Your lower teeth will appear pushed back, while the top teeth are flared out. When you bite together, there'll be a gap between the bottom and front teeth. People who sucked their thumbs as a child may also potentially have speech issues and tend to push their tongue forward/out when they swallow their food."

7. You like to drink lemon water.

While adding a couple of slices of lemon to your tea or water on the daily may seem like a good way to up your vitamin C or 'cleanse' your system, it’s actually shocking for your teeth. Eek!

"Lemon water absolutely ravishes people's teeth - it's so acidic. We notice this not only on the front surface of the teeth but also the biting surface - your teeth will appear very worn down, and the enamel becomes super week."

Dr Docherty said these patients tend to develop sensitivity, jaw issues, and their teeth become quite short (which can even change the appearance of your face - yikes).

"The same goes for sparkling water - this is just as bad as drinking soft drinks. These kinds of drinks promote erosive wear of the teeth and decay."

We feel... seen.

8. If you have diabetes.

While there are a bunch of health conditions that dentists can detect just by looking at your mouth, one of those is diabetes. 

"The smell of breath that has a fruity/sweet aroma may indicate uncontrolled or undiagnosed diabetes, as the patient is likely going through ketosis," explained Dr Docherty. "We usually see this in people in their mid-to-late teens."

"Another sign is that they frequently hop up to the bathroom during treatment."

How crazy is that? 

If all this news (mainly the whole blow job thing) makes you feel uneasy AF, don't worry. It's nothing to be ashamed of! Your dentist sees this kinda stuff every single day. 

"Just keep in mind that we're not here to judge - we're here to respect what we see, offer suggestions and look after your pearly whites."

And at least your dentist isn't, oh I don't know, your brother or something... can you IMAGINE!

*Wipes tears*.

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