17 things we all do but probably never talk about.

It’s easy to think you’re the only person in the world who thinks or does particular things.

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But you’re not alone. There’s a whole lot of stuff that we’re all doing or thinking in private that the rest of us are also getting up to. And sadly, it’s not nearly as kinky as it sounds.

No, these can be quite subtle, small and everyday things. Things you would never dare to discuss with another, like these:

1. Feeling weird when you hear your own first name said out loud.

2. Putting your iPod on shuffle but then skipping to the song you want anyway.

3. Laughing along with someone after failing to understand what they’ve said. For the third time.

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4. Detest getting into the shower but once you’re in, can’t think of anywhere you’d rather be.

5. Rehearsing an argument in your head, and out loud in your car, in case the situation ever comes up. Never actually delivering this blistering monologue.

6. Pretending to read the words in your birthday card and trying not be impressed by the cash nestled inside.

7. Going back and re-reading an email straight after you’ve sent it.

8. Saying to the taxi driver “anywhere just here is fine” despite being RIGHT outside your own home.

9. Becoming attached to the car in front on you on long road trips. Being disappointed when they pull off into an exit.

10. Stopping the microwave no less than 2 seconds before it’s about to go off because you secretly have made this into a bomb/hostage situation.

11. You still think that 1990 was only 10 years ago.

12. You still have to sound out the word Wednesday as Wed-nes-day when required to spell or write it.

13. You cannot stay still when you take a phone call and you must walk the entire length of the house as you chat.

14. You set your alarm for earlier than you ever anticipate to get out of bed, resulting in you hitting the snooze button a ridiculous amount of times.

15. Even though you have no intention of ever buying the demonstrated foodstuff in a supermarket, you over-enthusiastically make out as it you will.

16. You sleep under a mountain of doonas despite still having a fan blowing on your exposed feet.

17. You are petrified of the small talk that is inevitable with hairdressers and as a result, treat them as a confessional.

Did you relate? Chances are if you did, so did everyone else you know

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