The 14 weird things every woman has stored in her bra.

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We all know a particularly comfy bra is excellent for storing boobs in, but have you ever found yourself sneaking in a few other bits and pieces? Of course you have.

Bras are basically a storage solution, offering a great place to pop those little items you need quick, easy access to throughout the day. These stowaways are often purely practical, but sometimes they can get a little… weird.

1. Beauty supplies

Who has time to spend rummaging around their handbag for beauty supplies? Little staples like lipstick to Q-tips — which Sam Frost has admitted to storing in her bra quite frequently — are easy to tuck away into your cups, and make those two second touch-ups a breeze.

Bobby pins can also be clipped to the side of your bra for hair emergencies and mascara and eyeliner can nestle in between your boobs. In short, your bra can pretty much double as your personal beauty counter.

2. Money

It’s not uncommon for me to peel my bra off at the end of the day and find enough spare change for tomorrow’s coffee. Score!

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 3. Cards

Sick of shuffling through the 472 cards in your purse to find your transport card when you’re already running five minutes late for the train on a Monday? Just pop it in your bra for easy access. Honestly, no one will care if you have to fish it out during your morning commute — you’re saving everyone valuable time so it’s basically a public service.

4. Keys

Sure, they might leave some weird indentations in your boobs — but it’s a small price to pay for not having a two second heart-attack when you begin rummaging around your bag for the keys.

Say goodbye to the mad handbag hunt for your keys.

5. Chewy/lollies

This one is a double bonus. Not only does your bra provide you with some handy storage options for your daily snacking habits, but your boobs will smell minty fresh or super sweet at the end of the day.


6. Pads/tampons

Because even though we all get periods, no one wants to grab a pad out of their bag and wave it around the office as they head to the bathroom. (Post continues after gallery.)

7. "Gifts" from your kids

Who has attempted to take kids for a walk outside and managed to return to the house without a small nature collection? No one, that’s who.

While nature walks offer a great opportunity to get some fresh air and teach children about the world, you will no doubt return with at least 73 important pebbles/leaves/pieces of bark which must be treasured for at least 24 hours before you can sneak them into the trash. Unless you make a habit of carrying a small suitcase with you on all nature trails, you are left with one default storage option: your bra.

8. Bottle tops

Crucial for keeping track of how many drinks you have consumed.

We bet you could fit at least half this down your bra. Image via iStock.

9. Undies

Going on a date and unsure where you'll be waking up the next day? A spare pair of undies is always a must. To avoid them falling out of your handbag mid-way through the day, stick them in your bra. Bonus: one pair in each cup creates extra cleavage.

10. Dummys

Parenting is hard. Parenting screaming children whilst searching for a dummy is even harder. Just whack one, maybe even two in your bra and be done for the day.

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11. iPod

Squeeze your iPod into your bra for hands-free listening. It’s like a nightclub in your top.

12. Phone

Honestly, I think my phone spends more time in my bra than it does in my handbag. That way, you can have it on silent and still feel it when it vibrates. #winning.

Her phone will probably go back in her bra when she is done. Image via iStock.

13. A hanky

You'll always be prepared for a snot emergency.

14. Wine

Okay, so maybe you haven't managed this one yet. But some genius out there once invented a bra that can store liquor, meaning you no longer have to go to Gold Class to enjoy a chardonnay at the cinemas.

This actually exists.

What do you store in your bra?