16 things every woman does when she thinks no one’s watching.


That’s right, we know EXACTLY what you get up to.

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, we all have little things that we like to do when we no one else is watching. Be it driving in the car, sitting at home on the couch or a quiet moment at the office. Alone time is sacred.

Because everyone needs some time to lie around bra-less, covered in chip crumbs, picking at their toe nails without being judged.

Cameron Diaz knows what we’re talking about:

Here are a few of our favourite solo activities.

1. Eat with your hands, straight from the container.

It’s all done while standing in front of the fridge. And yes, we all double dip when no one else is around, yet pretend to be repulsed by the thought when in polite company.

2. Take numerous cringeworthy selfies.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes, by the end of this session you will have a Kim Kardashian-West-worthy pic to show off. A solo selfie session will inevitably end with you taking ridiculous photos of yourself and then laughing at said photos. Alone.


3. Pick your nose.

Sometimes the tissue box is just too far away, OK?

4. Examine every pore and wrinkle on your face.

Using a magnifying mirror,of course.

5. Look at old photos of yourself to boost your self-esteem.

Some days you just don’t feel on top of your game, scrolling through old photos of yourself looking amazing is a wonderful remedy.

6. Pluck that hair that keeps growing out of the mole on your chin.

Why does it keep coming back and how does it grow so fast?

7. Get gassy.

You might deny it, but there’s nothing quite as relieving as letting, erm, a fart rip without any consequences or judgement.

8. Perform an ARIA-worthy rendition of your favourite song.

The car, the shower; it doesn’t matter. When you’re alone you voice is as powerful and moving as Adele’s.

9. Have an entire conversation with your pet.

“Can you believe she said that to me? Neither can I, neither can I.”


10. Pick out ingrown hairs.

There is nothing more satisfying, and it’ll usually be done on the couch.

11. Pose in front of the mirror

We’ve all practised our “smile face”. Don’t deny it.

12. Get 52 weeks deep in your ex boyfriend’s Instagram feed.

Cautiously, so as not to double tap and reveal your full-blown stalker tendencies.

13. Drink straight from the bottle.

What are germs?

14. Admire your killer dance moves.

Because at home, in the mirror, you can drop it like Bey.

15. Steal your housemate’s/family member’s/significant other’s food.

You make sure to return it to the exact same place, in a way that they’ll never notice.

16. Watch TV in your PJs for a good eight hours.

Would you like to continue? Yes Netflix, I would, thank you for asking.

This post was previously published on The Glow and has been republished her with full permission.

What do you do when you think no one is looking?