From avoiding trends to cost-saving measures: 5 things to consider when planning a renovation.

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Have a few (hundred) lockdowns and countless kitchen-bench Zoom meetings seen you cast a more critical eye over your living quarters? 

Maybe those creaky floors and cracked bathroom tiles seemed charming when you first moved in, but now you fantasise about taking a sledgehammer to your leaking kitchen sink each time it sprays water onto the ceiling. 

If that sounds familiar, maybe you’re ready to ditch the plunger and take the plunge into a full-blown reno. Having just finished gutting and transforming my own digs, I can tell you, nothing beats walking through the door to your literal dream home.

Exciting as it may be, whether it’s a whole house or just a few rooms, a renovation is a costly and unpredictable undertaking, and there’s a lot to consider before you don the hard hat and matching steel capped boots.

So, before you get to dive into the fun stuff, like deciding which deep soaking tub fits both the available space and your broad shoulders, get your head around what you’re getting yourself into. Here are five things to think about.

Where are you going to live?

Right off the bat, before you do anything else, you must work out where you, the kiddos, your partner, and your pet newt will reside for the duration of the build. 

If you’re thinking, “we’ll just put up those plastic sheet thingies and stay put”, then slowly take the back of your hand and slap it across your face. Done? Okay, sorry to be brash but you’re about to embark on one of the most stressful things you can do as a homeowner. It will all be worth it of course, but at times it will feel like a series of escalating gut punches, one after the other until you step back to look at your masterpiece and remember it all as a crazy fever dream. 


Everyone has their own way of doing things, but according to my builder husband, this first step is non-negotiable. You can’t live in a construction site. Not only is it unsafe, chock-a-block with off-gassing, dust, and blood-curdling noise levels, it’s also super impractical. Think you can suffer through it? Don’t.

Consider your lifestyle then build your home to suit.

No time to clean? Design your space to limit crevices and choose durable, wipeable finishes. Have little ones about? Maybe hold off on the polished concrete floors and open staircase with jagged edges. Pets? Think about easy-to-clean carpets and soft furnishings. Got allergies, asthma, or a pup with more hair than a Shetland pony? Limit finishes like heavy curtains that can hold on to dust and inhibit your airflow. 

The appliances you choose can also change the game when it comes to your home’s functionality and air quality. Panasonic have nanoe X technology built into their air conditioning solutions (both wall mounted or ducted) that actively purifies the air and surfaces within your home, which is bloody good news if you’re anything like me (an asthmatic dog lover with the world’s worst hay fever). This tech can inhibit up to 99 per cent of pollutants including viruses, bacteria, mould, pollution, and allergens, while reducing pet odours, inhibits mould, and gives you a fresher, cleaner home all round.

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Panasonic air conditioning systems are also gentler on the wallet. Their Inverter Technology improves energy efficiency within the unit so you can run it for longer without worrying about your power bills. Plus, my toddler has a penchant for hiding remotes, so the fact that you can control it and adjust the temp all from your phone through the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App blows my mind.

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They also have options to best suit you and your home's needs. For example, if you have larger living spaces, ducted air conditioning is your go-to. It's also discreet. Panasonic's wall mounted split system air conditioners also offer quiet and efficient cooling, which also helping to dehumidify the space.

Be mindful of trends. 

When we were renovating our first apartment, rose gold was having a moment. I wanted it everywhere – in my tap wear, my door handles, even on my ring finger. As gorgeous as it is, the trend has already taken a step back and been replaced by (arguably more timeless) chrome. And this was only six years ago! I’m glad I didn’t let the glossy mags at the time convince me to choose only on-trend finishes because they’re in and out faster a spicy curry, and they can really impact your home’s resale value.


Best to save the stylish statement pieces for your soft furnishings, artwork, and furniture. 

Sometimes cost-saving measures end up costing you.

So, you’re spending more money than you ever thought possible on a runaway train that just keeps on chugging. It’s only natural to think, for example, “I don’t need painters, I can slap some paint on the walls no problem!” And you might be right. But it’s also possible you haven’t quite thought it through.  

Let me break it down: painters are experts at their trade, an unskilled hand (no offense) will generally take twice the time to accomplish half as good a finish. 

Then there’s cost of materials – painters already have all the gear, and this is included in their fee. If you’re doing it yourself, you’ll need to invest in all the gadgets and gear on top of the protection materials and of course, the paint. Once you factor in the realities of a DIY, and the fact that the finish won’t be as slick, you might be better off saving money elsewhere.

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Get ready to be possessed by seemingly minor decisions.

Which white is the right white? Matte or gloss? Black or chrome tapware? Timber floors or carpet?

Once you get stuck into it, you might find yourself lying awake at night, weighing up the infinitesimally small shade difference between ‘monument’ and ‘woodland grey’. It’s a renovating jungle out there, and if you go in prepared to be fully absorbed by the chaos, you’ll be able to have a chuckle when you notice yourself spiralling into despair because the white you chose is just too white.

Find out more about improving your indoor air quality at home with Panasonic's unique nanoe X technology and air conditioning solutions.

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Panasonic Air Conditioners are an all-in-one solution, with air conditioning and air purification to give you peace of mind with healthier and fresher air for your home. The nanoe™ X 24-hour air purifying system inhibits many common pollutants both in the air and on surfaces and can be selected to run when heating and cooling is not operating. Panasonic offers both wall split (room air conditioners) and ducted (whole of home air conditioners) with nanoe™ X, which incorporate a combination of technologies to help you control the temperature and humidity levels while improving the air quality in your home.