5 things service staff wish you’d stop doing in restaurants.

Anyone who's worked as a waiter knows that it's a tougher gig than it looks.

You're trying to dish out food, take orders, hand out bills and ignore the many rude customers, all at the same time. It can be exhausting.

But as a casual worker, the pay is great and it can be really fun if you like your colleagues. So, we stay.

As someone who worked as a waitress for two years, I can confidently say that it was one of the hardest jobs I've had. I had to be quick on my feet, remember too many things at once and refrain from biting back at the crappy customers.

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So you probably won't be surprised to hear that there are a few things we wish customers would stop doing.

From current and ex-wait staff, here are five things we wish you'd stop doing in restaurants. 

1. Clicking your fingers.

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"Don’t click your fingers at the waitstaff for attention. Ever. I mean, really?! Who does that? Arrogant a-holes, that’s who. (And yes it does occasionally happen, I couldn’t believe it either.)" - Gilly.

"Also, clapping. The thing is, we've always seen you. We just have someone else we have to serve first." - Jen

2. Let your children roam freely.

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"Please don’t let your children run wild throughout the restaurant. I’m holding four steaming hot plates and I can’t afford to trip over your four-year-old." - Jess.

"Don’t let your kids run laps of the restaurant." - Lissy.

"I once kicked open the kitchen door, and it collided with a child's forehead. I felt so bad. But also... it's a kitchen door. I can't see below the window. That's why kids can't run around everywhere, something is bound to go wrong." - Lim

3. Come in when we're closing or closed.

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"I work in a hotel and on check-in everyone is told the restaurant opening hours. And the amount of people who walk in three minutes before closing... We have even extended our closing times and still people walk in three minutes before we close." - Jodie.

"If the doors are locked and the lights are off, I think you can assume that we’re closed. Also, don’t be that guy who comes in three minutes before the kitchen closes to order a well done steak." - Jess.

"When we're locking the doors and turning the lights off, surely you know we're about to close. I hate it when patrons don't leave, despite being given the bill and having four waitstaff hover around their table, desperate to go home. We were meant to be out of here half an hour ago!" - Fi

4. Order when you're still on your phone.

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"Get off your phone when ordering it’s not that hard." - Sarah-Jane.

"Please put your phone down for 20 seconds while you order." - Jess.

"I've had people answer their phone midway through an order, or be distracted by a text message and then trail off. You're ordering! It will take maybe 20 seconds... look away from your phone." - Claire

5. Be creepy and inappropriate.

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"When they hit on you or think it's funny (usually in front of a group) to make a suggestive comment when you ask for their name and/or number." - Brae.

"I once had a guy walk past and slap my ass while I was leaning into the kitchen counter to get some plates. So my advice - don’t touch the waitstaff." - Katie.

"When you say 'Would you like to see the dessert menu?' and they say creepily 'Oh no darling I'm sweet enough'... MY BLOOD BOILS." - Lily.

"When asked if you want sugar in your coffee, please stop saying, 'Nah honey, I'm sweet enough.'" - Kirsty.

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