There are a few words that mums never ever get to hear.


“Do you want some money to go out with your friends?”

“What’s grandma up to this weekend?”

“Have you seen that shower cleaner that really gets out the soap scum?”

“I picked up some laundry detergent at the shops. I saw we were getting low.”

There are some things kids never say and mums never hear. So much so that we made a video about it last month.

In fact, our Things Mums Never Hear video was such a hit we decided to create a sequel. It’s currently playing above.

HOW ELSE WILL I HEAR YOU? (Source: Original.)

The sequel focuses on all the wonderful technological help that dependent children so rarely offer without reward.

It might be Facebook assistance, it might be mobile assistance or if you're my mother, it might be that you accidentally set a new password while using my computer. Cheers.

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