Men come clean on the things they wish women knew about them.

Remember how men are from Mars and women are from Venus?

Well, after years of silence,  the martians have finally beamed us some super-secret intelligence across the solar system (via Reddit), allowing women a glimpse into their complex (or not-so-complex, as the case may be) minds.

According to the men of the Internet, there are a few things that guys wish women knew about them, but were just too shy to bring up.

1. They know exactly who the “bad guys” are.

“You know how you go out with guys and figure out eventually weeks later they are assholes?

All us guys always know who all the assholes are. In high school it took us about 12 hours on the first day to catalogue the entire building full of them. Most of you gals never figured out who they are.

So ask your non-romantic male friends whom to avoid. We know.”

We know he's a jerk before you do. (Image via Stranger Things/Netflix)

2. Sometimes, they really are thinking about nothing at all.

"When you ask us playfully 'What're you thinking about?' an honest and truthful answer can be 'Nothing'. Really, you don't know how shallow we are. We are not necessarily trying to hide anything."

3. If you think they've made a subtle jab at you, they probably haven't. 

"If we were trying to be mean and hurt your feelings you would absolutely know it. Sometimes we say sh-t and it comes out wrong."

What did you just say? via GIPHY 

4. And they're not great on the receiving end of subtlety, either.

"Most guys are not good at picking up hints. Seriously. Many of us are awful at it."


5. Erections aren't always within their owner's .. ahem... control. 

"Erections can just randomly happen. Like, we'll be driving to a funeral in the morning, and suddenly I'm rock hard when we get there. It has nothing to do with sexual arousal."

He also can't control when it's not working. (Image via iStock)

6. Guys like getting compliments, too.

"I still remember when this girl said I have a nice ass. Even tho [sic] it was maybe a bit fun but I still now think my ass is nice."

7. They want to communicate more during sex.

"During sexytimes, please tell me what i'm doing wrong/should change to make you feel good. That's literally my only care."

"I cannot re-enforce this enough," added another user. "Sometimes it can be hard to tell when the female orgasm is happening, sometimes you need it hit from a different angle, whatever; communication is key. I'll be up there all day doing trig in my head if I think you're not enjoying it. Tell me what to do!"

8. You should tell them if you DON'T want a problem solved.

"Most men, when confronted by a problem, go into "fix it" mode. If you come to us looking to vent about your problem/day/that bitch Debbie, we will start making suggestions on how to proceed. You need to tell us, very clearly (bring us both drinks!), that you just need to vent if you don't want suggestions."

Men have the bro code, but do they know that women have a girl code too?