This year's list of prohibited items at Eurovision is a bit... bizarre.

If you were to cross the Miss Universe beauty pageant with a high school musical and the United Nations, you would have the glory that is Eurovision.

This year the song competition is taking place in Lisbon, Portugal and will go from Wednesday the 9th of May, with the finals taking place on Saturday the 12th of May.

In preparation for the song and dance competition, Eurovision have released a list of prohibited items that audiences will not be able to bring in, and they’re a little bit odd.

Watch Dami Im’s second-place scoring ballad ‘Sound of Silence’ at the 2016 Eurovision competition:

Video by Eurovision

The list starts with the standard things – no explosives, alcohol, knives, drugs or syringes… and then it gets weird.

Eurovision officials thought it was necessary to specify that shopping trolleys, lasers, handcuffs, chains, spray cans and crowbars will not be allowed onto the premises either.

Neither will rope… Or adhesive tape.


Naturally the people of social media have had a field day with the expansive list of items, and here’s what they’re saying:

Twitter user @ESCPifPaf won the hearts of Twitter users, with his alternate list…

Some are angry…


While others are trying to beat the system…


But most are just a little confused, but whole-heartedly accepting Eurovision for the baffling, majestic extravaganza that it is.


So amongst the spectacle of glitter, leotards and mild European nationalism, please, please, please remember to keep your sticky tape, torches, helmets and golf balls at home. Please.