Meme-splained: Why everyone in your life is sharing 'They did surgery on a grape' memes.

Excuse me.

It’s almost Christmas and the human race has gone a lil’ bit loopy.

You see, you may have noticed there’s a new meme doing the rounds the… “They did surgery on a grape” meme.

The “They did surgery on a grape” line comes from a 2017 video created by the online video channel Cheddar.

The Cheddar video used footage from a video created by regional Australian healthcare provider, Edward Hospital, back in 2010.

In the footage, surgeons demonstrate the precision of their new medical robot by – you guessed it – doing surgery on a grape.

After Cheddar posted the video, a still of the footage with the line “They did surgery on a grape” was then posted to the @simpledorito meme channel.


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They did surgery on a grape

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And then this happened. 

The meme prompted a meme-y grape-y frenzy that makes absolutely no sense but is hilarious nonetheless.


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And the rest – as they say – is meme history.