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A compelling new suspect has been named in 'Making a Murderer' case.

Thanks to the 2015 Netflix series dedicated to the case’s prime suspect Steven Avery, the murder of Theresa Halbach remains one of the most talked about unsolved crimes in the world.

Some believe Avery, who rose to fame through Making a Murderer and has long proclaimed his innocence, has been wrongly framed by corrupt police. Others think that given she was last seen on his property prior to going missing and that her car and remains of her clothing were found on his property, Avery did kill the photographer. But now, thanks to Avery’s lawyer Kathleen Zellner, a new suspect has emerged.

theresa halbach boyfriend
Steven Avery. Source: Netflix.

Filing a 1272 page notice for post-conviction release in a Wisconson court on Wednesday, Zellner has claimed there's reason to believe Ryan Hillegas, Halbach's former partner, may be the one really responsible for her 2005 murder.

Though never formally investigated by local police, Hillegas featured briefly in Making a Murderer, where it was confirmed that following Halbach's disappearance, he hacked into her voicemail and deleted a number of messages.


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Hillegas also had no alibi for his whereabouts on the evening Halbach disappeared, provided false information to police and allegedly has a history of domestic violence.

Additionally, Zellner claims the DNA testing methods needed to sufficiently convict Avery, without a doubt, were not available at the time of the trial. Now, having subjected eight pieces of DNA evidence from the trial to retesting (the majority of which were from Halbach's car found on Avery's property), inconsistencies with the court's ruling apply.

theresa halbach boyfriend
Teresa Halbach. Source: Netflix.

Zellner also said that Avery's previous lawyers, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, did not do enough to strengthen Avery's case.

Together, all of these things, Zellner said, leaves the case open for Avery to be freed from the life sentence he is currently serving for the murder, or at the very least, a retrial.
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