There's something strange about the new Bachelor contestants.

We need to talk about the new bunch of The Bachelor contestants.

After our initial reactions of “OH-EM-GEE THEY ARE HERE” and “Which one will Richie choose?” and “she’s already my favourite”, there’s one thing we were left thinking: what is going on?

Readers, I give you the women who will soon be all over your Instagram feed. (Image: Channel 10)

You see, with the very little info we've been given about the 22 single gals trying to find love on national television, we've noticed something a little bit strange about their occupations.

As in, they all do the same thing for work.

Video via Channel 10

OK, not exactly the same, but there sure are a lot of 'event coordinators' and 'yoga instructors' and 'assistants' in the mix.

In case you need a refresher, here's the full list of Richie's potential future wives the 2016 contestants:

Aimee, 31, Business Development Manager, Victoria
Alex, 24, Venue Manager, Victoria
Eliza, 31, Event Coordinator, NSW
Faith, 26, Hairdresser, Queensland
Georgia, 24, Artist, Victoria
Janey, 27, Children’s Entertainer, Queensland
Keira, 29, Account Manager, NSW
Kiki, 28, Personal Assistant, NSW
Laura, 24, Project Manager, Victoria
Marja, 34, Yoga Instructor, NSW
Mia, 24, Student / Former Athlete, NSW
Megan, 27, Health Promotions Officer, Western Australia
Natalie, 27, Communications Officer, Western Australia
Nikki, 28, Real Estate Agent, Western Australia
Noni, 25, Swimwear Designer, Queensland
Olena, 23, Makeup Artist, NSW
Rachael, 31, Support Worker, Western Australia
Sasha, 31, Executive Assistant, Victoria
Sophie, 28, Customer Support Manager, South Australia
Tiffany, 29, Training Administrator, Western Australia
Tolyna, 31, Personal Trainer, Victoria
Vintaea, 25, Massage Therapist, Queensland
Being an executive assistant, or a personal trainer, or a massage therapist or a haidresser are all perfectly legitimate, fulfilling careers.

But.......we can't help but think that single criminal justice lawyers, neurosurgeons, and tradies are all out there looking for love as well.

Wouldn't it be great to see a female rope access technician go head-to-head with Richie in a ropes challenge? (Disclaimer: we're not exactly sure what a 'rope access technician' is...)

Let's not forget that Anna Heinrich - who won Tim's heart back in season one of The Bachelor was a lawyer. And Snezana, who bagged Bachie Sam Wood last year, just finished her degree in Molecular Genetics earlier this year.

Who knows, perhaps 'Makeup artist who has revolutionalised organic skin care and runs a successful online blog and business that will blow your mind' is too big to fit on our TV screens.

We're looking forward to seeing how this season unfolds.

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