How to throw the kids birthday party to top them all.

Lego Duplo
Thanks to our brand partner, Lego Duplo

LEGO DUPLO is a big hit with young kids, especially mine. My youngest recently turned two and would have loved a LEGO DUPLO themed party.

Given we were overseas when he celebrated his birthday, he got a balloon and some chicken nuggets. If you’re into themed birthdays, LEGO DUPLO is an awesome, colourful and surprisingly easy option. Here are some simple ideas on how to throw a great LEGO DUPLO party.

Set up a ‘building site’.

Set up some small tables and chairs and put piles of LEGO DUPLO bricks on each, or just dump a big pile of bricks in a clear area on the floor. The kids will love using their imaginations to build awesome structures while their parents enjoy not having to constantly check if their offspring are feeding chocolate cupcakes to the diabetic dog.

Build some serving bowls.

Confiscate your kids LEGO DUPLO collection while they aren’t looking and build some colourful serving bowls. Or better yet, get your kids in on the building fun. It’s probably a good idea to wash the bricks before using them to serve nibbles. You can also use the bowls to hold cutlery or straws. Super fun and easy.

Perfect for holding biscuits and cutlery. Image: supplied.

Make custom party bags.

Head to your local two-dollar shop and grab some plain coloured party bags, some cardboard in the same colour and some sticky tape.

Using a round-shaped item (I used the bottom of a measuring spoon) and a pen, draw six round shapes in the cardboard. Then cut them out and stick them on the front of the bag using sticky tape. You now have an awesome LEGO DUPLO party bag. Fill it with a few LEGO DUPLO pieces for a healthy and allergy friendly option and the kids will be thrilled.


Easily transform party bags. Image: supplied.

Decorate with brick bunting.

Cut some plain coloured cardboard or foam into A4 size. Then cut some circles in the same colour (as per the party bag idea above). Stick the circles onto the pieces of cardboard/foam in groups of six using sticky tape or glue. Punch holes into the top of the sheet and thread through some string or ribbon. Repeat in different colours until you have a snazzy bit of brick bunting.

If this sounds too time consuming, just punch holes into the LEGO DUPLO instruction cards and use those.


You can always punch holes in LEGO DUPLO instruction cards too. Image: supplied.

Use LEGO DUPLO as table decorations.

Let your birthday kid build some awesome DUPLO creations to add colour to the party tables. The LEGO DUPLO Number Train is a great decoration for the party table and the DUPLO figures make awesome (and easy) cake toppers too.

Image: supplied.

Pinterest is full of great ideas for a LEGO DUPLO themed cake. If you’d prefer to keep it simple, make a brick cake. Bake a cake in a loaf tin, trim the top of the cooked cake so it’s nice and flat, ice it in the colour of your choice, then coat some round biscuits in the icing and pop them on the top so the cake looks like a LEGO DUPLO brick. If you are having a lot of guests, you can make a few of these. If cupcakes are more your thing, ice them in different colours and use different lollies to decorate the top.

LEGO DUPLO is not only the perfect building toy for preschoolers, it’s also a great party theme that will ensure your child’s birthday party is memorable, fun and full of imagination.

What kids' party themes have you tried?