The Young Mummy has shared her 'embarrassing' proposal story on her first wedding anniversary.

It’s been one year since Sophie Cachia – i.e. everyone’s favourite blogger The Young Mummy – wed the father of her bub and long-term partner, Jaryd.

Luckily for us, to mark the occasion, the 26-year-old has shared the one story her die-hard fans have been wanting to know FOREVER.

That is, how Jaryd proposed.

In her latest blog post #keepingupwiththecachias, the soon to be mum-of-two (Sophie’s due to give son Bobby a little brother or sister early next year) shared the ’embarrassing’ tale.

“I wasn’t sure we’d actually ever get engaged,” she began.

“To be honest, because – between us – we had already planned our surprise wedding for my 25th birthday later that year.”

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While she suspected something might happen on their annual family holiday to Noosa, the timing wasn’t exactly what Sophie expected.

“We’d been out for dinner – just Jaryd & I – to our favourite restaurant called Spirit House the night before, where a teeny tiny thought crossed my mind that it would be the perfect place for Jaryd to propose,” she wrote.

“When it didn’t happen, I brushed it off and continued on with our trip… The next night, we were straight out of the pool, and up to our rooftop for a BBQ.”

Considering they were just having a quiet dinner in the apartment, Sophie became exasperated when her wider family “were all taking ages to get ready”. She noticed Jaryd even shaved and put on his special “nice t-shirt” for the occasion.


“I was furious – I was ridiculously starving after a long day at the beach, Bobby was becoming restless as it got later and I just couldn’t understand why everyone was making such a big deal of a BBQ at our own apartment – it wasn’t like we were going out or anything!”

The keen netballer became even more frustrated when Jaryd got up from the table to make a speech, congratulating Sophie’s parents on their wedding anniversary and thanking them for organising the trip.

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“I was SO embarrassed and asked (ok, yelled) at him to sit down, noting it was totally unnecessary for him to be doing this.

“Before I knew it he had mumbled the words, ‘This will be the last time Sophie comes to Noosa as a ‘Shaw’,’ and he was down on one knee.

“My hands were straight over my face to not only hide my tears, but because I was mortified I had been so rude to everyone!”

While she was completely unaware about Jaryd’s plans, it turns out Sophie’s family were in on it the entire time.

“That’s why they were all putting in this extra effort for the BBQ! I really should have picked it. The ‘nice’ t-shirt should have sold me!”

Ah, gotta love an unexpected proposal story, right?!

Was your proposal expected? How did it go down? Let us know in the comments below.