The Young Mummy shares a video of telling her husband she was pregnant.

Well, isn’t that just a little bit sweet?

The Young Mummy, AKA Sophie Cachia, has shared the moment she first told her husband she was pregnant.

It initially started as a stunt they both knew about.

Sophie and her husband, Jaryd, both stared down the camera as she seriously said, “I’m pregnant.”

Jaryd began to grin and laugh at the camera, but really, he was the one with the biggest surprise in store.

She turned around, looked him in the eyes, and tearfully said, “I’m actually pregnant.”

What follows is a series of faces that truly surmises the faces of someone so completely, utterly in shock.

He's obviously just processing everything.

Then comes the classic moment where you just try to play it cool - "I'm not falling for this one."

Oh, yeah, sure! You're pregnant. 

What follows is my favourite moment when Jaryd finally gets together and knows this is for real.

Yes, Jaryd! This is HAPPENING.

Of course, you can't miss the genuine happiness and joy of the two:


For the rest of the video, there's lots of hugging and lots of love. Of course.

In her post, Sophie said she knew from almost day one that she was pregnant.

"After only one day of my 'period' before it went away, I just KNEW I was pregnant," she wrote on Instagram, "but still didn't get my hopes up because of the previous months of stress and heartache.

"And after 5 negative pregnancy tests all in the same week, I finally got a positive one! So glad I've got memories like this on film."

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Sophie previously wrote a beautiful piece for Mamamia, announcing her pregnancy at just nine weeks.

"I have had a child before. I am well aware of the risks, and I know it’s simply not the norm.

"But who gets to decide the norm for me?

"I looked at this idea with the most realistic approach possible. I thought, if something was to go wrong, if I was to experience a miscarriage with this pregnancy – whether it be in the next three weeks or even after – then I would share it anyway."

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