The Young Mummy just posted our favourite Instagram yet.

Sophie Cachia – AKA The Young Mummy – has done it again with her latest Instagram snap.

Today the popular blogger captured a precious moment of her little son Bobby, 2, playing on the street. Donned in all-black clothes and a striking pair of pink runners, Bobby’s chubby fingers are twisted around a fairy wand and a tiny airplane figurine. His mum’s caption was simple and refreshing.

“To be a fairy, or to be a airplane pilot?” Sophie, who is pregnant with her second child, wrote to her 122,000 loyal followers. “Oh the tough decisions for a two year old! You be whatever the hell you want to be, my dear!”

In a week when hate has dominated global headlines, it’s lovely to see open, fluid attitudes towards gender ‘roles’ spread widely across social media. And although we’re a while away from fully breaking down the concepts of ‘woman jobs’ and ‘man jobs’, we can’t help but stop and admire The Young Mummy for occasionally dressing Bobby up in footy gear, but giving him a run on the netball court whenever he likes, too.

  A photo posted by SOPHIE CACHIA (@theyoungmummy) on Mar 7, 2016 at 12:40am PST


We’re very excited to see what’s in store for the Cachia family, who are set to welcome their next cheeky bub in January 2017.

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