The weekly round-up: a husband who loves his wife's wrinkles to amazing rainbow cakes

It's been a busy week in the iVillage office, culminating in a dusty Friday as the wall between us and Mamamia was knocked down! As for the site itself, we've been laughing, crying and drooling over our latest content. Here are my "editor's favourites" from last week's line-up. 

I loved this post by Facebook executive Tom Stocky about spending four months at home on paternity leave with his baby daughter, especially his confession about how conflicted he felt going back to work. Such a wonderful, little-heard perspective  >>

On the subject of bubs and dads, I had to laugh at this story about the toddler who accidentally went shopping on eBay. Hilarious details here >>

This dad's perspective on 5 things parents need to stop saying to non-parents RIGHT NOW was brilliant >>

But my absolute favourite story of the week from a male perspective was the husband who wrote about his wife ageing and why he loves her even more with wrinkles. It's beautiful. Read it here >>

Considering my kids have trumpet/gymnastics on Monday, swimming on Tuesday, netball on Wednesday and skipping/art on Thursday, I was fascinated (and slightly freaked out) by this story on whether too many after-school activities can be damaging to children – click here to find out why >>

This article on the woman who's created baby wigs, so your poor bald bub can sidestep the grief and deep shame of being born without any hair … gob-smacked and horrified me in equal measures >>


A mum revealed 30 lessons she'd waited her whole life to teach my kids. A first I was like, yawn, another parenting bucket list, but her words amused and inspired me. Read them here >>

On the other hand, I found this mum's message for every woman who thinks a couple of glasses of wine a night makes her a more patient and loving parent really confronting >>

I wrote about the daughter of one of the Sandy Hook school massacre victims and how it felt to marry without her mum. Such a sad, but also incredibly uplifting story >>

Speaking of sad, this post about how divorce REALLY feels was so beautifully written >>

Click to read how this 2-year-old cancer patient ended up having the best pizza party ever >>

Things lightened up with this hilarious video by a female astronaut on how to wash your hair in outer space >>

And WTF?  You've never seen a kama sutra manual like this. All you need to know is that it involves monkey puppets… Click here >>

But my favourite video of the week was Josh Duhamel pranking supermarket shoppers in a hilarious guerilla-style commercial for Diet Pepsi. Watch and drool by clicking here >>

I'm a food fanatic and iVillage had some gorgeous stuff this week. Including …

A dazzling gallery of 21 amazing rainbow cakes and how to make them, click to see them all >>

Pesto is delicious. And here are 12 ways to harness that deliciousness, with everything from pesto potato salad to pesto ice cream. Recipes here >>
How's your week been? Is there an iVillage story you really loved? We'd really like to hear from you about what you think about the site and how we can make it better. Drop me a line at