The wedding cake that is breaking the internet.

Pretty much the most amazing thing you’ll see all day.

Cake making has become an art form.

First, it was kid’s birthday parties. Now, wedding cakes.

Wedding cakes used to be all about the size. The more tiers, the more amazing.

That is so yesterday.

Sorry Posh and Becks, your cake is out. Image via Instagram.

Now, it is about how incredibly amazing and original the cake is.

It's all about the decorations. But, I'm not talking about the sugar flowers (you can leave those behind with ten tier cakes).

So it is no surprise that the following cake is breaking the internet (or at least the bakery's Facebook page).

Image via Cupcakes by SJ Facebook.

Let's take a closer look, shall we...

The Lego Cake in all it's glory. Image via Cupcakes by SJ Facebook.

Cupcakes by CJ posted the photo of the Lego cake on the 8th of June. This is pretty normal. They regularly post photos of their beautiful creations.

But this one went viral. At the time of publishing, it has been liked 144,755 times. It has been shared 70,811 times. There are also about 18,100 comments on it, not only tagging in friends and family, but some putting some orders in for a cake of their own.

The response has been so crazy that the cake makers have posted this response:

Image via Cupcakes by SJ Facebook.

Unless you want to get married in London, or want to move there just to get a similar cake, you just have to be content with scrolling through their Facebook photos of their other amazing creations.

Like this one:

Image via Cupcakes by SJ Facebook.

Or this one for the Frozen fans:

Image via Cupcakes by SJ Facebook.

Look, just head to their Facebook page here and scroll...and drool.

Oh, maybe they can make Prince Harry's wedding cake? He lives in London.

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