PODCAST: Is it a gimmick to have a heavily-pregnant woman on The Voice?

Could you do this heavily pregnant?

At eight months pregnant, I was struggling to breathe. Walking up stairs felt like a small achievement.

My ankles were swollen, my face was puffy and my lips had more than a touch of the Duckface about them (what even IS that?).

I was hard-pushed to get my ample arse into the office on the bus every morning, never mind spend long days doing promotion and photo-shoots and interviews and belting out songs on national TV.

But I am not Canberra musician Amber Nichols. Clearly.

This is Amber Nichols:

She has a toddler, is eight months pregnant, and is part of Team Jessie on The Voice.

But as she tells Andrew Daddo and I on our podcast for parents This Glorious Mess, it’s no biggie.

“I’m pregnant. I’m not dying. I don’t know why everyone wants to make a fuss.”

We had so many questions. Is she knackered? Is there a plastic sheet on standby in case she gives birth on stage? Can she tell the difference between nervous butterflies and kicking feet? Will she name the baby #TeamJessie? And how the hell do you sing from your diaphram when there’s a baby in there hogging all the room?

“Goodbye diaphram. It’s not working anymore.”

Personally, I love her. I once turned down a dream job because I was pregnant, and I often wonder if that was a dud move. Amber will not wonder.

‘Stay put baby! Mummas got some singing to do.’ (Via instagram/ambernicholsmusic)

But while I find it inspirational, Andrew just thought it was a cynical ploy by Voice producers to keep us watching. What do you think?

Also this week, the weirdest kid obsession yet, that time Daddo infiltrated a playground card swapping scheme with counterfeit goods, and why I am not allowed to die at the shops. All on the podcast for non-perfect parents.

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Are you in love with Amber as much as we are?