The beautiful moment from The Voice last night that everyone's talking about.

Screw the ‘cat fight’. This was the most entertaining moment of last night’s show.

If you didn’t watch The Voice last night, the only thing you’re probably hearing about today is the ‘cat fight’ between coaches Jessie J and Delta. Which was heavily promoted over the last week as the UNMISSABLE MOMENT DELTA GOODREM WALKS OFF THE SET.

But there was another moment in last night’s episode that held our attention better than any cat fight.

When contestant Elizabeth Rimbo walked on stage to sing ‘Joyful, Joyful’ from Sister Act, she had every coach dancing in their seat, but failed to get a chair spin from any of the five coaches.

After some advice about really feeling the lyrics and the strength in the song, Jessie J and Delta Goodrem immediately got up and joined her for an impromptu performance.

And it was absolutely beautiful. And it’s what The Voice should  be about.

Video via Channel 9

Screw cat fights, this is what we actually want to see on TV – women supporting each other.

Elizabeth tweeted about the experience after last night’s performance, calling the audition “unforgettable”.

You can watch the performance below.

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