THE VOICE: This is how two women resolve a conflict. No claws required.

It seems we are incapable – well, TV executives are incapable – of watching two women disagree without resorting to animal metaphors.

Last night on The Voice, Jessie J and Delta Goodrem had a disagreement. It’s not their first. There has been tension brewing between them on the show since it started. No doubt much of this is manufactured. Delta is dressed in white with flowing blonde hair. This means she is Good. Jessie J is dressed in black with slicked back hair to match and bold red lipstick. This means she is Bad.

Bad Jessie. Good Delta. You can tell by their colours.

They do have very different styles when it comes to judging/coaching/whatever the singers on the show. Delta tries to find the silver lining on every cloud and looks for a way to say something nice every time, even when she doesn’t turn around. Even when the performance is a bit awful. Jessie J goes the tough-love approach. She says she feels a responsibility to be honest even when her words are a bit crushing.

Two women. Two different styles.

This should not be surprising or remarkable in any way. Having the same genitals does not mean you are clones.

Ricky Martin has a different approach to the Madden Twins and yet nobody is setting them up against each other, selectively editing their interactions or shouting COCKFIGHT in the promos for the show.

Back to Delta and Jessie J, the tension has been real. Delta has clearly felt undermined by Jessie J who does tend to say “I disagree” pretty much every time Delta says something positive to a contestant, before launching into her own view.

Last night, Delta got the shits and walked off the set. I recognised that look on her face. I’ve seen it and I’ve worn it. It’s the face you make when you’re really angry and frustrated but the situation doesn’t allow you to express that and so it morphs into tears. To me it was clear that Delta left the set so she wouldn’t burst out crying with frustration. I would have done the same. I wouldn’t have given the producers the gift of my tears.


When Delta left, Jessie J realised the effect she’d had. When Delta returned to her chair, Jessie gently said “Too much?’ and Delta replied, “Totally”. Jessie J acknowledged that she’d pushed too hard. Delta spoke up and confirmed that she had. They then spoke about their different approaches – Delta not being able to tolerate performers feeling humiliated and Jessie J feeling duty-bound to deliver constructive criticism.

I watched last night’s show with my youngest kids aged 6 and 9 and it sparked a positive discussion about how disagreements can be resolved and how you have to learn to get along with people you work with – or go to school with – even if you’re very different and wouldn’t necessarily be friends.

As I wrote last week, when it comes to the catfight between The Voice coaches Delta Goodrem and Jessie J, I’m #TeamDelta. I’m also #TeamJessieJ.

Because I refuse to chooseAnd I find this whole attempt to set them up against each other way too predictable. Delta Goodrem and Jessie J are not cats. They are women. And they are not fighting like animals. They are having disagreements and differences of opinion just like any other human adults do every day.

Once again last night, there were no raised voices. No claws. No animal behaviour of any kind. It was a positive resolution to a conflict.

Is this really what a catfight looks like? Then pour me a bowl of milk and hear me meow because I’m all for it.

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What did you think about the ‘catfight’?

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