Screw The Bachelor, two of The Voice contestants may have fallen in love.

If you thought you knew what The Voice was all about, think again, suckers!

It turns out Channel Nine’s marquee show isn’t about music or singing at all – no no no – it is about finding deep, pure, reality television love.

… We think.

Because it seems that’s what two contestants, Bojesse Pigram, 20, and 18-year-old Sally Skelton have supposedly done, anyway.

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Both from Team Kelly, it seems battling it out in the elimination round – which aired last week – did nothing to squash romance between the pair.

In fact, since filming the show ended, Bojesse has moved 4713km to be with the singer on the Sunshine Coast.

“Since the Battles, I’ve moved from WA over to Queensland,” Bojesse told Kelly Rowland on Sunday night. “I’ve been visiting Sally and writing songs.”


All of this is pretty impressive, considering Bojesse, you know, totally rejected Kelly’s proposal that he and Sally pursue the competition as a duo. Awkward.

“Sally’s just an amazing person,” he said. “I’m so grateful that I met her.”

While the singer wasn’t forthright with details about the relationship, he said: “It’s going good… We’re having fun, and who knows in the future there might be something.”

Yeah… we’re not sure what that means either. But can you hear that?

That’s the sound of thousands of (slightly confused) teen hearts breaking right across the country.

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