The Voice winner's single has already been cancelled. Awkward or excellent?


The winner of The Voice 2014, Anja Nissen, has revealed why she really dumped the song Delta Goodrem wrote for her. Turns out Nissen’s coach, Will.i.am, didn’t think the song was “her style”.


My Girls is an awesome song, a great song,” Nissen said.

“It just came down to whether or not it’s my style or not. Will just wasn’t sure.

“We didn’t have enough time. Will wanted to be part of the decision making process when it came to choosing the single. Will wasn’t sure if My Girls was the right style for me. He wanted to have a few more days to think about that and start working on ideas, looking at where to go next.”

On Friday, we brought you this: 

So, Anja Nissen won The Voice on Monday night.

It’s only Friday, and the single she was supposed to release has already been axed. OOOOPH. Awkwardus maximus.

My Girls, co-written by Delta Goodrem for the star, is over before it ever began.

But wait. It’s not because the single’s awful. It’s not because Anja hated it, or even because they didn’t think it would sell.

It’s because Anja has landed a sweet collaboration with her coach, will.i.am.

She and Mr i.am will be recording a new, specially written single together. That song’ll be out next week, apparently. And then an album of covers that she’s speed-recorded this week.

This is approximately how happy she is about that decision:

Smart move, Anja Nissen. Smaaaart, smart move. Will.i.am may have trouble with punctuation and sentence-construction, but he knows how to Music. And he knows how to Collab. And he probably knows how to pluck an Australian teenager outa reality TV mini-fame and take her to the heights of actual fame.

We will see.

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