Here's how to figure out who'll win The Voice this year.

If you want to put some money on the winner, here’s the best tip.

Each past winner of The Voice has one thing in common – apart from being able to really belt out a tune.

And that thing is: their auditions were so arresting, so spectacular, so jump-out-of-your-seat-and-act-like-a-moron, that each of the judged turned their chairs for them.

This season, there are only seven singers whose prowess got all the judges to turn around. And according to the stats, the winner will come from this group.

In the history of The Voice Australia, only people who got all four chairs to turn in the audition round have won. One, two or three turners? No dice.

the voice
The judges on The Voice 2015.

That’s the smallest group of all-chair-turners in the history of The Voice Australia.

So, from this information, we can deduce that the winner will be Chris Hoskin, Fern Belling, Amber Nicolas, Nathan Hawes, Joe Moore, Stewart Winchester or Liam Maihi.

She might be playing to win but we’re not sure she can do it, because maths. Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 9

None of the above are on Team Delta, so that rules her out as the winning mentor. Jessie J and the Maddens have three each who are 4-chair-turners. Ricky only has one.

delta 1
According to our calculations, Delta can’t be a winning mentor because none of her singers caused all judges to turn around.

And from this already small pool, it’s likely some will get the chop when the battle rounds begin this weekend.

We’ll keep you posted on any more investigations.

We’re detectives! SUPER SLEUTHS!

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