If you can't stand Donald Trump, this is the video you need to watch today.

How badly do you want to see Donald Trump impeached?

Perhaps not as much as The View host Joy Behar.

On Friday’s show, Behar was interrupted by a producer who walked on set and passed her a note.

She read it aloud immediately.

“Michael Flynn promised full cooperation to the [Robert] Mueller team,” Behar read in disbelief, her voice quickening with every word, “and is prepared to testify that, as a candidate, Donald Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians.”

She then threw her arms up, threw the note away and yelled “YES!”

The news appears to be true: Former US national security adviser Michael Flynn is reportedly now prepared to testify against the Trump administration, claiming President Donald Trump directed him to make contact with Russians when he was a presidential candidate.

According to AAP, Flynn – a former top Trump campaign aide and a central figure in a federal investigation into Moscow’s alleged interference in the 2016 US presidential election – pleaded guilty on Friday to lying to the FBI previously.

Listen: What happens if Donald Trump is impeached? Well, it might be this guy who is in charge.

It is a major escalation in the Russian investigation which has hung like a dark, foreboding cloud over the administration for some time now.

After the show wrapped, Behar tweeted: “Christmas came early. Thank you, Santa!”

Twitter was equally impressed.

We can hazard a guess as to why.

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