"The video that completely changed the way I see Kylie Jenner."

It’s pretty easy to forget that Kylie Jenner is just 18-years-old.

Yes, she’s sparkly, rich, and super famous, but she’s still human. A human with a conscience, an ego, insecurities and flaws.

I’m not that much older than Kylie. Although we don’t have much in common (Kylie drives a BMW convertible, I drive a shitty Holden Barina), our ages are similar. To remember a time when I was 18 isn’t difficult – it was only a few short years ago.

And who was I at 18? Well, I was painfully self-conscious. Unsure of myself. Full of self-doubt.

Just because Kylie Jenner looks older, doesn’t mean she is.

At 18, I was convinced that my self-worth was inextricably linked to my appearance. I obsessed over my weight, so I drank ‘diet tea’ on the odd occasion (Tip: Do not drink diet tea, just… don’t).

I felt insecure about my nose, so I researched nose jobs and started saving up for one. I put funny filters on my Instagram photos. I went through an embarrassing eyeliner phase. I even insisted people call me ‘Chel’ for a bit.

And I don’t think that’s unusual for an 18-year-old. Because, guess what, at 18 you’re still finding your feet.

You know what I didn’t have at 18, though?

I didn’t have hundreds of thousands of people publicly trashing me, my family, and my appearance. I never had people labelling me ‘the ugly duckling’ or a ‘troll’. I didn’t have a Victoria’s Secret Model for an older sister (my sister is really pretty, she’s just not Kendall Jenner). I didn’t have paparazzi stalking me, or Twitter accounts solely dedicated to vilifying me.

No, my insecurities came only from within myself. And, believe me, they were more than enough.

Now, of course, some people will tell me that Kylie Jenner chose this life, and that criticism is part of the deal, but I wholeheartedly disagree. I don’t think you can choose to have your life televised when you’re just nine years old. You cannot choose who your family is, or that scandal is your shadow.

Kylie and her equally famous sisters.

It’s very easy to look at a pouting selfie and judge. To look at a girl who ‘has it all’ and think that means she has it easy.

I don’t think Kylie Jenner has it easy. Not by a long shot.

I can’t imagine being Kylie Jenner. I don’t want to imagine it. There’s not enough money, or fancy cars, or rapper boyfriends in the world to make me jealous of her.

That’s why I feel sorry for Kylie Jenner. Yes, you read that right, I feel sorry for one of the richest, most famous girls on this planet. Because money and clothes are nice, but to constantly have people criticise you and spit hate at you is not.

And I wouldn’t trade places with her for the world.

A new video  by William Rebein depicts Kylie’s famous makeup tutorials in reverse, while an anonymous voice reads out particularly harsh comments people have written about her looks.

“People are quick to judge online because it’s convenient and can be done anonymously,” Rebein told Refinery 29. “I think many people get enjoyment from bashing a celebrity online…because it gives them a feeling of power.”

Watch the video below to get an idea of what people say about Kylie Jenner on a daily basis.