Australian music artist hits out at health critics: "I'll never be Kim Kardashian"

It’s one thing to be bullied about your body – but it’s quite another to be accused of causing eating disorders

Jessica Origliasso, one half of the Australian music duo The Veronicas, has taken to Facebook to defend herself and her sister Lisa against criticism over their weight – or lack of it.

Jess who says she is not one to “shy away from confrontation and controversial subjects” wrote the post in response to a comment suggesting that the pair were too thin.

“That comment being, that by existing at the weight we currently are, by being ourselves, we are encouraging young people to have eating disorders,” she writes.

Jess (with sister Lisa Origliasso) says she has always been skinny. But she hasn’t always been healthy.

The pair have always been small, according to Jess who is concerned that people mistake weight as the only indicator of good health.

“They have been taught and encouraged by pop culture and magazines that health is a number on a scale. And once you reach that number, you obtain all these magical things in life. Happiness and health being two of them.

“I don’t agree. It is balance that equals health. Physical, mental and emotional balance. And once you LIVE that lifestyle balance, THEN all these magical things start happening. Health and happiness being top of the list.”

“I am familiar with being called sick. I’ve wrongly been called sick by newspapers and magazines through my entire career.”

Jess, who is a Bikram yoga enthusiast, says that healthy living and eating became a passionate subject for her when she suffered from serious digestive issues after years of unbalanced eating and constant travel in her twenties.

“We were the definition of an excessive unhealthy lifestyle. As we grew older that lifestyle was only fuelled by the tour lifestyle, and ‘rider’ of free alcohol every single night at gig venues, burger diners, that we would eat at on tour. The mountains of Crispy Kremes to make us feel better when we would get another sore throat,” she writes.

“But if you ask people who ‘look in’ from the outside, THAT is meant to be when ‘The Veronicas looked the healthiest’. What. a. joke.”

“We were the definition of an excessive unhealthy lifestyle. “

After being told to “get real” by a friend, Jess decided to take control of her health. She embraced Chinese Medicine, stopped taking the Pill, and changed her diet.

“I introduced fresh foods into my diet, a lot of healthy carbs, got rid of packaged food, soda and fast food. I started eating fermented food, super foods, probiotics and supplements, doing yoga, drinking water and herbal tea. I taught myself to take time and meditate.”

And it worked, Jess said she felt stronger, her head got clearer and she rarely got sick, even with a hectic tour schedule.

“Everyone’s body is different. I’ll never be Kim Kardashidan. And I’ll never be a 6ft super model. Some people will never have my body type. But we’re not meant to compare our power in this life to others bodies. Our power lay in OUR choices. And I chose happiness, health, balance and integrity.”