Celeb in 5: Thursday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Uh oh. There are clues Ruby Rose and The Veronicas’ Jess have broken up.

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that social media behaviour is always the best indicator of the state of a person’s relationship.

NB: This is not a true fact.

Therefore, it’s crucial we examine the tenuous evidence we’ve gathered from the Internet that all is not well in the world of Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso.

You see – and you’re going to need to brace yourself for this – people are saying on Thursday Jess unfollowed Ruby on Twitter AND Instagram.

And if that’s not convincing enough (it’s… it’s not) Ruby has deleted all photos of her and Jess together on Instagram.


She still has a photo with Jess and her mum at the Pitch Perfect 3 premiere, but she’s taken down the rest of the photos of them as a couple.

My dreams!!!!

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Fans obviously noticed (because they’re frequently combing through Ruby Rose’s followers for changes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), and were quick to ask Jess about it on Twitter, because of the high likelihood that she would casually open up about it on a super public platform.


“What happened with you and Ruby?” one fan asked. “Why she delete photos with you?”

“Why did you unfollow @rubyrose,” another asked. “You broke up with her? Tell me what happened with you and Ruby I am your fan and I want to know what happened with you and Ruby.”

Another wrote, “Why did you unfollow @RubyRose on Instagram. I’m worried. Just please know that I love you both so much”.

At this point, neither Jess or Ruby have commented.

LISTEN: The Mamamia Out Loud team explain the Veronicas’ current tiff, and where Ruby Rose lies within it. Post continues after. 

2. Prince George was given a very awkward role in his school’s nativity play.

It turns out that even being a Prince doesn’t excuse you from being cast in super-weird roles in your school play.

Since September, Prince George has been attending Thomas’s Battersea in London, and has probably been doing the typical activities of a four-year-old. Drawing. Learning to write your name. Giving news about your recent tour of Europe where you flew on a private plane and your family wore matching clothes.

You know, the usual.

But it turns out, he’s also been rehearsing for a very important nativity play, where he was cast not as Joseph, not as one of the Three Wise Men, not as baby Jesus, not even as the Inn Keeper – but as a sheep.

"I'm here to be a star." Image via Getty.

"I went to my boy’s nativity play. It was funny," William told press at BBC’s Bridge House on Wednesday. Kinda rude, because we're sure George is a star, but anyway. "He was a sheep."

The imagery of little George as a sheep in the nativity play is truly an early Christmas gift.

 Note the use of the phrase "a sheep". Not "the sheep". There was more than one sheep, people.

3. The Bachelorette's Sam 'Cans' Cochrane is on the cover of a romance book, because... wait. We don't know why.

Since The Bachelorette wrapped up all those months ago (OK it was only like two months ago), Sophie Monk has been killing her career. In the last few weeks, she's been announced as the host of Love Island Australia, is the face of UberEATS and has walked a bunch of red carpets.

From the looks of things, it would seem the guy she ditched on the show, Sam 'Cans' Cochrane (man bun, voice over guy, remember now?) has also been chasing his dreams.

Because they guy has made it onto the cover of a legitimate paperback novel.

It's called My Fair Aussie, a tale of a good ole Aussie cowboy who crosses paths with a university student written by Jennifer Griffith. You can buy it for your Kindle on Amazon for $3.04 right now.


"Ok so there are those things that were never on your bucket list but then you realise that when they happen that they should have been. Being on the cover of a steamy romance novel is now considered ticked off the list," the man himself wrote on Instagram. Hashtag love. Hashtag romance. Hashtag bucketlist. Hashtag foggedupwindows. Hashtag lovestory. Hashtag reading.


4. A Kardashian is to blame for everyone trying anal bleaching. Apparently.

People desperately want their bums whitened. Yes, that's a thing.

The number of people undergoing the procedure has increased by 23 per cent, and the world's most famous family has something to do with it.  It's thought that Kourtney Kardashian's televised experience with anal bleaching - which consists of applying treatment around the anus to make the skin lighter to blend in with the surrounding area - has encouraged far more people to give it a go.

The treatment can be done in a cosmetic salon with laser therapy, or there are creams that can be applied in the comfort of your own home.


Ex and current Geordie Shore lasses Charlotte Crosby, Marnie Simpson and Sophie Kasaei all admit to having anal bleaching done as well, with cousins Simpson and Kasaei even applying treatment on each other on the show.

5. Isla Fisher just had a moment every person with a unique name can relate with.

So it turns out Isla Fisher is just like you in that despite being a world famous movie star, the good people at Starbucks still can't get her name quite right... ever.

The Dark Animals actress shared on Instagram that while she's used to being mistaken for a number of other Hollywood redheads, including Ed Sheeran, having her name purely sounded out is quite a unique experience.

The Shopaholic actress, or 'Aila' as she is known in some circles, shared the little blunder accompanied by a list of 'Isla' variations that went from bad to well... Aila, Izla, Lisa, and finally Eyelay. Yep. That's definitely the one.

It kind of reads like a game of Chinese whispers gone wrong.