The Veronicas have some strong words for the fans who just body shamed them.

Musical twins Jess and Lisa Origliasso are no strangers to those who shame their small frames. But when they recently posed nude for the cover of their latest album, things got much worse.

The artwork for the pair’s latest single, In My Blood, shows the girls completely nude, covered in purple body glitter. As soon as they uploaded the image to social media, the criticism began.

The Veronicas received backlash after they posed nude for their latest album artwork. Photo: Facebook/The Veronicas

There were taunts about how the girls were "getting desperate" for fame, resorting to posing nude to get publicity. Others criticised the twins' weight, telling them to "eat something, for crying out loud".

But the 31-year-old twins have had enough, telling The Sun Herald's Kate Waterhouse that they were sick of being 'blamed' for young women feeling bad about their bodies.

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"The way that it gets to me is when they try to frame it as though we're contributing or we're the result of young women becoming anorexic," Jess said.

"That hurts me because we take health so seriously. Don't try to treat me like I'm the problem. I know that I'm not. I know [Lisa's] not." she continued.

The girls have even taken matters into their own hands, replying to hateful comments on social media.

It's a Veronicas flashback! Check out the video for the girls' very first single. Post continues after gallery...

Video via The Veronicas

When one fan offered to "pay for their food" so they could "eat more", the twins replied with a long shopping list of what they would need for just one day's worth of meals.

"Perfect! Here's our daily shopping/eating list for 1 day, let us know where you'll be sending it!" they wrote, before listing items such as 10 potatoes, a bag each of quinoa and rice, two tubs of hummus, and tubs of blueberries and strawberries.

"That is just one day shopping list...But you would prefer we just 'eat a cheeseburger', right?" the girls finished.

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