Why weren't The Veronicas at last night's ARIA awards? An investigation.

It’s safe to say at the ARIAs last year, The Veronicas stole the show.

Not only did the Aussie duo host the awards, they also did a performance which sent viewers into a frenzy.

Performing seemingly topless and covered in red body glitter will do that apparently.

ruby rose reaction veronicas aria performance
No wonder they look so pleased with themselves. (Getty)

But this year, the red carpet was missing two petite musically-talented twins. And thus begins our Very Important and In The Public Interest investigation to answer the big question: Why?

It becomes particularly strange since Ruby Rose, Jessica Origliasso's girlfriend, was also at the event promoting her new film Pitch Perfect 3.

And while the twins weren't actually nominated for any awards this year, there were plenty of attendees who also weren't. As past winners, hosts and regular attendees, there's no reason why an invitation wouldn't have been extended to them. (Post continues after gallery.)


They released a new single this year, The Only High, that they've been keenly promoting although they announced the release of their fourth studio album meant for this year had been delayed until 2018 for "personal circumstances outside of our control".

An appearance on the red carpet wouldn't have hurt interest in the release, even if it won't come out until next year, and the pair have been doing other performances, including at the Newcastle 500 over the weekend.

To make things even more confusing, the pair were definitely in Sydney on the night of the Arias and even shared pictures getting super glammed up for an event that looked to be sponsored by Swarovski... who were the sponsors of the ARIA red carpet.

A disgruntled series of tweets from Jess last month could be the biggest piece of evidence to explain their absence after the singer's were snubbed for a Best Video Nomination.


"Nothing like having On Your Side pass 20 million views, tackle real issues, LGBT visibility and still not get a best vid nom," she tweeted after nominations came out.


The video was directed by Ruby Rose, who also starred in it.

An ARIA Spokesperson responded with the statement: “The Best Video Award Nominees are not selected by ARIA but by the ARIA Voting Academy which is comprised of over 670 members of music industry of former ARIA winners and nominees, labels, managers, publishers, media, and retail.

"ARIA has been a supporter of The Veronicas’ success, inviting the duo to perform on the ARIAs stage on a many occasions, in addition to hosting our 30th Annual ARIA Awards celebrations."

Another spanner in the works? Reports have suggested a "rift" has developed between the sisters.

Listen: What you need to know about The Veronicas. Post continues after audio.

It started after Rose wrote in a since-deleted tweet that Lisa had previously told her and Jess they “should feel lucky” they don’t get stoned to death like they do in other countries and to “get over it”.

Jess later released a statement saying, "I may not have struggled with an inner turmoil, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t struggled with people close to me, degrading my sexuality because of their own personal judgments or ignorance".

Adding further fuel to the fire, the two aren't actually even following each other on Instagram.

So how did The Veronicas actually spend their Aria evening? From the looks of their (separate Instagram stories, they were spent watching the Arias on tv, in bed with treats. (Honestly this sounds like rather a good option?)

Perhaps they chose not to attend. Perhaps they weren't invited. Or perhaps, after many years of attending they just decided to take a break and swap the impossibly high heels for hotel slippers.

Whatever the reason, they (although probably not the body glitter) were missed.

Mamamia reached out to both Jessica and Lisa.

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