A comprehensive, numbered wedding checklist for the eccentric bride within us all.

Having never planned a wedding myself (and being in no rush to do so) it seems that I’m seriously naive when it comes to making your big day perfect. Because while I knew there were a lot of things to do, I had no idea there were 70 steps involved in the average wedding.

Seventy. 7-0. 70. That just seems like so many steps. But according to the wedding powers that be (AKA not me) that’s just what it takes to get things right.

It takes a lot to reach this point. Source: iStock. 

And happily, it turns out that list isn't anywhere as daunting as I first thought.

Sharing their ultimate bride-to-be planning list in 2016, Real Simple wrote, "To plan the perfect celebration, use this comprehensive wedding checklist, with a timeline based on the 16-month length of the average US engagement."

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The list includes fairly standard wedding must do's that even unmarried me recognises are important.

This includes things like setting a budget, booking an officiant, and you know... buying a dress.

But then there are extreme suggestions like registering at a minimum of three shopping outlets, checking in on the florist four times prior to the big day and hiring a calligrapher.

signs your partner is the one

Wedding days are fun, right? Source: iStock. 

As I type this I can feel married people reading this, thinking "ahh, yeah" and not finding anything unusual about the incredibly comprehensive list. But for us yet to walk down the aisle, this list is the thing that will save us from matrimonial folklore.

The list also includes essential to-do's like meeting with and booking a celebrant, sending out save the date cards to your guests, finalising a bridal party list and organising their outfits and meeting caterers.

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You also need to think about a run-sheet for the day, organising transportation if your venue is out of town and perhaps most importantly, breaking in your shoes before the big day. Aint no one got time for band-aids and blisters, friends.

What can I say? Suddenly 70 steps to a dream day doesn't seem so ridiculous after all.