The Today Show tried to give away $30,000. They failed in spectacular fashion.

It’s a bad start to a Friday when you can’t give $30,000 away.

That was the case this morning during the Today show’s Block of Cash giveaway.

The show’s hosts Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic were running through a list of phone numbers to call – ready to offer the person at the end of the line $30,000 – but to no avail.

They called 16 different numbers and no one answered.



Block of Cash is a regular prize segment. Viewers can win money by watching the show, waiting for the phone to ring, and answering it saying “I wake up with Today”.

This morning, the one person who answered didn’t answer correctly. Other than that, the line went cold.

A man is not a financial plan. Post continues below.

Today’s episode was being filmed from Australia Zoo.

There was a growing-ever-more-restless crowd in the background.

And Wilkinson and Stefanovic were doing their very best to keep their smiles throughout the ordeal.

In the end? Wilkinson finally called it and took the show to an ad break. And 16 people around Australia have spent their entire Friday kicking themselves for failing to answer the telephone.

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