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Dear everyone on The Super Switch: you should have already broken up by now.

There’s no greater source of anguish than trying to revive a relationship damaged beyond repair.

We’ve all been there.

After years of romantic history, maybe even time spent living together, you of course still like the person you’re with. There’s probably even still love lingering there. But it’s just… not working, for whatever reason.

It’s an incredibly hard truth to admit, and often only comes after desperately trying to fix what has been broken.

Watch the trailer for Channel 7’s new reality show The Super Switch. Post continues after.

Maybe you thought an overseas trip would do the trick.

Maybe you tried taking a “break” to patch things up.

Maybe you’ve been in couple’s therapy.

Hell, maybe you even tried having an open relationship for a while.

Sometimes these things can do wonders. Not all damage is impossible to overcome.

But if your relationship is so bad you’ve resorted to signing up for a reality TV show “experiment” where you’re paired with a new partner to “test” your loyalty to each other… it’s probably time to call it a day.

In fact, it was probably time to call it a while ago.

We’re talking to you; cast of the Super Switch. 

Abort mission.

The trash TV addicts out there (us) have probably started to find their fix with the latest ~social experiment~, Channel 7’s The Super Switch, which is a twist on the Seven Year Switch.

The basic premise is this: six couples at a crossroads in their relationship say goodbye to their partner to live in an experimental relationship with a total stranger.


This year, the experiment takes a step further, with the six couples living in two share houses together, under the same roof. We assume this is because Channel 7 is hoping someone might be seriously injured in a brawl on this show, beating the glorious trash fire that was last season of MAFS.

(Take that Channel 9! Our show drew actual blood!)

When something goes wrong with one of the experimental couples – or their real partners – they all have to hash it out in group therapy sessions.

It sounds like great watching if you’re into seeing relationships burn to the ground.

Inevitable drama aside, we can’t help but wonder how this could possibly be the answer to any kind of relationship trouble.

It doesn’t make… sense, and someone needs to step in before this makes things much, much worse.

Take engaged Canadian couple Tyler, 28, and Olga, 27, for example.

They’ve been together for six years, but struggle with trust issues.

Particularly Olga, who has forbidden her boyfriend from so much as looking at any other female humans walking the earth, rendering him unable to order a coffee from a lady barista.

No, really.

On last night’s episode Olga snaps at Tyler: “Don’t look at her! She touched your arm! That is flirting!”

He was talking to a waitress.


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It’s times like these he wished he never proposed ????????

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“She’ll get jealous, she’ll get angry,” Tyler complains. “She’ll cause all these fights and not realise the damage she’s actually doing. She doesn’t trust me, trust is everything.”

So hey, it seems like brilliant idea to play on Olga’s insecurities by putting Tyler in an actual bed with another woman, rather than, we dunno, attending some sort of therapy session to figure out the root of her trust issues. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Maybe Tyler is actually a shady guy? Maybe Olga’s been cheated on in the past?)

Sounds like the makings of either a) Olga having some sort of nervous breakdown (ratings!) or b) Tyler growing sick of her constant distrust and ending things.

Either way, it does not bode well.


This brings us to Lachlan, 27 and Miranda, 25, who have been dating for two years. TWO YEARS.

Guys. Come on.



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Derby day with this stud ????????

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Lachlan is very open about the fact that he “wants to marry Miranda in the next two years,” whereas Miranda is quick to tell the camera she could mayyyyyybe see herself being engaged in “a few years”.


But just when it seemed things couldn’t get any worse, it turns out there is another “problem” for the couple.

And ohhh, it’s a doozy.

“Guys will come up and approach you, and it makes me furious to be honest,” Lachlan complains to Miranda. “At the end of the day, they all want one thing. Of course I’m going to confront the bloke and say something to him.”

Girl RUN. Red flag, red flag.


“It’s quite regular that Lachlan will become quite overprotective,” Miranda adds. “It feels like I’m being blamed.”

In the first episode, Lachlan tells Miranda she needs to be careful around men because all they want to do is have sex with her, and if she was to end up in an unwanted situation, it would essentially be her fault.

It’s… everything that’s wrong with the conversation surrounding violence against women in Australia and it’s definitely not OK.

After warning Miranda to not “put yourself in that situation” on a night out, he becomes furious when he spots her speaking to another man.

“She’s talking directly to a bloke … that there really pisses me off,” Lachlan fumes. “She doesn’t realise and is a little naive with what the other guys intentions truly are.”

Good lord.

He adds: “Maybe knowing when to just walk away and stop could probably prevent a lot of issues.”

We can’t help but agree with him here. Miranda should definitely walk away from this relationship and this entirely cooked show. Like, yesterday.

(And we mean that for all of them).

The Super Switch is available to stream on 7Plus.