The story that left this Channel 9 newsreader with a huge case of the giggles.

If you’re in need of a good laugh (or, heck, even if you’re not), you’ve gotta watch the above video of Channel 9 newsreader Eva Milic collapsing into a fit of giggles during a live broadcast of Queensland’s afternoon news.

The story that cracked her? A little Chinese boy who had to be cut free by firefighters after getting his head stuck inside a sofa.

Okay, we’ll admit a kid wearing furniture like a hat is pretty amusing. But nowhere near as hilarious as Milic’s reaction.

It began as a polite chuckle (“Sorry – I’m still trying to work out how this happened”), which quickly descended into full-blown giggles as she described his rescuers attacking the sofa with scissors.

Milic tried to move on with the bulletin, spluttering her way through a preview of upcoming stories before eventually admitting defeat.

“Donald Trump finally sticking to the script…. I think we better just take the break,” she managed through laughter.

The footage soon surfaced on YouTube where one commenter labelled it, “one of the funniest moments on TV this year so far.”

We’re inclined to agree.

Now, how long until the auto-tune remix?