The salacious new Stan drama that tells the true story of a fascinating and forgotten Queen.

Our insatiable desire for royal scandals and stories shows no sign of slowing down, but luckily there’s a new drama in town that could help quench that thirst.

At least for a few hours.

The Spanish Princess miniseries is based on the best-selling novels The Constant Princess and The King’s Curse by Philippa Gregory. Set in 16th century London, it features some famous historical names.

The new Stan show stars Charlotte Hope as the fierce Catherine of Aragon, a teenage princess of Spain who grew up knowing no other goal than eventually securing the English throne, something she’d been promised since she was a child.

You may recognise Charlotte Hope from her murderous and smirking turn as Myranda on Game of ThronesRamsay Bolton’s sadistic lover who enjoyed shooting innocent victims with arrows. She’s just as fiery and captivating in this new royal role, albeit less deranged than her GOT character.

While many plays, movies and pages in the history books have chronicled the later and more tragic parts of Catherine’s life, there hasn’t been much about the early life of the woman who grew up as the youngest child of Spain’s most ruthless monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand.

The princess was passed to the Tudors as a toddler and went on to became a widow at just 16. Catherine was married off again a short time later to the English royal heir. A union that came about because, as we see on the show, she claimed her first marriage was never consummated because Arthur was impotent.

"The Spanish Princess might be best described as Game of Thrones meets The Crown." Source: Stan.

The miniseries kicks off with a sense of drama when the throne appears to slip from Catherine's fingers after her husband Prince Arthur suddenly dies. It's a twist of fate that forces her to put into motion a plan to secure marriage to the new heir, the charismatic Prince Harry who will one day rule as King Henry VIII...and we all know how that turned out.

Hint: It was not such a good time for his many wives.


The plot thickens into a bingeable web of stories that might be best described as Game of Thrones meets The Crown.

While The Spanish Princess may not always be completely historically accurate in its depiction of past events, it manages to morph into a lush and salacious drama.

For starters, the Royal Family are initially less-than-impressed with the new young and 'sun-kissed' Princess, finding both her and her cohort of companions, made up of people from many different ethnicities, unsuitable for life in court or entry into their family.

This eight-part miniseries is actually part of an anthology series about the ascent of determined royal women during and after the Wars of the Roses, with The White Queen and The White Princess both available to watch now on Stan.

If you find yourself mesmerised by royal history or you're just looking for a sumptuous new drama to dine on, then add The Spanish Princess to your watch list.

The Spanish Princess s now available to watch on Stan, it is rated M. New episodes drop weekly. 

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