Lisa Wilkinson just rivalled Lady Gaga in a Sound of Music tribute.

We’ll be watching this on repeat for the next week.

It’s the 50th anniversary of The Sound of Music, so what better way to celebrate a classic movie than to have an impromptu singalong on live TV?

The Von Trapp family. Image via Twitter/Today Show.

Lisa Wilkinson, Today Show host and apparent possessor of a hidden lip-synching talent, has just performed her very own rendition of The Hills Are Alive, with help from back-up dancers Karl Stefanovic, Sylvia Jeffreys and Tim Gilbert.

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Lisa nailed this performance. Outstanding.

Dressed like a 1965 Julie Andrews, Lisa took to the studio’s stage and confused basically everyone when she belted out (lip-synched to) a brilliant rendition of The Hills Are Alive from The Sound of Music. 

Remember Lady Gaga’s medley performance at the Oscars? This is so much better than that.

Hey Lisa, if this whole “successful media career” thing doesn’t work out, you might have a great career on Broadway.

Watch the whole video below.