The Sober Movement is sharing the before and after pictures of addiction we need to see.

When you hear the term ‘before and after pictures’, you usually think fitness or weight loss.

Not so with The Sober Movement.

The movement shares before and after pictures on their Instagram with a difference – the amazing transformations of people who have gone sober either from alcohol, drugs or both.

They’re the kind we need to see more of.


The premise is simple – people share a before and after picture of themselves along with their story of how they fought their addiction or how long they’ve been clean.

For anyone who has had direct experience of addiction, the messages will ring true. For anyone who hasn’t, it’s eye opening about what an “addict” really looks like.


“You first introduced me in September 2015 congratulating me on 30 days sobriety. Who would have thought I’d be standing here today with over two years sober!” one contributor wrote.

“I can’t believe I’ve made it this far, and am more determined than ever to see this through! Sobriety IS possible! Recovery IS possible! I am worth it!”


The Sober Movement was founded by Kevin Curtis and Darren Brewster, who both know first hand what it’s like to battle addiction and have been sober since 2011.

The created the organisation to help others find what they had through recovery.

“Our mission is simple. The Sober Movement is dedicated to the unionization of those in all forms of recovery,” they write on their website.


“We believe that being sober is not just an absence of the self-destructing behaviors, but a change in overall lifestyle. We are here to promote that being sober is not just a label, but a MOVEMENT!”

The stories on the account are honest but empowering, proving to anyone that addiction can be beaten and recovery and sobriety – if that’s the path you choose – will not only change your life but give you life too.

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