The hidden clue in The Sinner season one that explains how season two will play out.

Everyone’s favourite ‘whydunnit’, The Sinner, is officially coming back for a second season.

There will be murders, there will be intrigue, there will be twists and there will be plot holes.

But there will be one thing missing… Jessica Biel.

You see, 2017’s breakout hit will be returning without its homicidal leading lady.

While Biel will stay on as executive producer, she won’t be taking on another onscreen role.

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Instead, the second season will follow Bill Pullman’s character, Detective Harry Ambrose, as he investigates the case of an 11-year-old boy, who is accused of murdering his parents in their Upstate New York home.

While this update has only just been announced, we were expecting it.

First of all, Biel’s character of Cora Tannetti could never have returned for another season.

She had been through enough. She had confronted her demons and figured out why she killed that guy on the beach and there was nowhere else for her storyline to go.

Secondly, there was a little clue in the final episode that the story would continue on through Pullman’s character.

In the final moment of the series, when Detective Ambrose is sitting in his car outside the courthouse, the camera zooms in on the bruises on his fingernails.

In case you missed it, the bruises were put there by the dominatrix he regularly saw.

This set up the idea the series could continue without Cora and that a second season would explore a new case and possibly look into Ambrose’s own murky past.

The bruises, Ambrose’s relationship with the dominatrix, and his empathy towards Cora, suggests that he may have experienced a similar trauma in his past.

This last, lingering shot of Detective Ambrose was a nod towards what would go down in season two, noting that his story was the one that we would continue to follow.

Here’s hoping season two gives us some much needed answers, a few more unanswered questions, and some twisty, twisty goodness.

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