Here are the wildest fan theories about Netflix's The Sinner.

*Content warning: This post contains some MASSIVE spoilers for season one of The Sinner. 

Two words… The Sinner.

If you haven’t already binged your way through Netflix’s latest offering you might want to leave now, lock yourself in a dark room for eight hours, and come back to us once your mind is completely blown.

The Sinner is a why-dunnit, a twist on the ole’ who-dunnit and it’s honestly one of the best shows you’ll see all year.

As we all know (if you don’t know, you have to GO. WATCH. NOW) episode eight seemed to wrap up Cora’s story line in a neat lil’ bow.

We found out the thing that happened to Cora in her past which led her to kill Frankie Belmont on the beach. Everything seemed to fall into place… or… or did it?

Since the show first aired in the US the internet has been bombarded with fan theories which are definitely  possibly probably not true.

But look, if it means a second season – we’re here for ALL OF IT.

Here are some of the wildest fan theories making the rounds. Strap yourself in because s**t’s about to get real:

What if Frankie Belmont is really Mason?

the sinner fan theories

Um... this is a weird one. What if Mason was really Frankie and Frankie was really Mason? Instead of two dark-bearded (smokin' hot) men, there was just one?

That would mean Cora killed her husband and he accidentally killed her sister?

Or the "Mason" character could just be a figment of Cora's imagination, something she made up to help her cope with the trauma from her past.

Also, when you google Frankie Belmont a bunch of photos of Mason come up. Spooky.

What if Phoebe was never really sick?

This one seems plausible. What if Phoebe was never really sick and her mother just had Munchausen syndrome by proxy?

That would mean that when she died that night, it wasn't an accident... something else happened. Something much more sinister.

What if Cora was really Phoebe?

the sinner fan theories
Cora and Phoebe or Phoebe and Cora? Image via Netflix.

Stick with me here. What if Cora was really Phoebe and "Cora" was just a figment of Phoebe's imagination?

A fantasy she had created to escape from her life of being trapped in that house with those super creepy parents.

Cora and Phoebe could be her multiple personalities. That would mean when Phoebe "died" she didn't really die, she just stopped being "Phoebe" and started being "Cora".

Oh holy s**t, I'm confused.

What if that night never really happened?

the sinner fan theories
"Dad... is that you?" Image via Netflix.

OK, this is the craziest one yet. What if that night never really happened and Cora was just held captive by her own parents in a bid to steal her stem cells?

That would explain why her captor was wearing a mask and the needle marks in her arms.

It's kind of like a really f**ked up version of My Sister's Keeper.

OK... so these are all bats**t crazy but also... possible?

If you have any other fan theories, tell us about them in the comments below. This is a safe space, people, A. SAFE. PLACE.

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