Couple renovate kitchen to replicate The Simpsons.

When thinking about a kitchen renovation you don’t typically add corn cob patterned curtains, bright purple cupboards and a lime green fridge to your shopping list.

But a couple have done just that, in an attempt to match one of the most recognisable kitchens on television. Joe Hamilton and Marcia Andreychuk from Calgary, Canada are transforming their 1950s-built kitchen into a perfect replica of the kitchen from popular the cartoon show, The Simpsons.

After wanting to update their kitchen, the self-professed The Simpsons fans decided to steer away from the typical white-washed, modular kitchen design and have begun turning their childhood obsession into reality.

The most expensive part of the renovation so far has been fitting the blue-chequered floor.

“When I suggested to Joel I kind of want to update the kitchen – let’s do it like The Simpsons – he bought it immediately,” Marcia told The Canadian Press.

“He is a huge Simpsons fan. He’s been following the show since he was the age of Bart, when the show first started, and so there was no discussion, nothing but, yes, let’s do this.”

The renovation has been underway since the beginning of this year. Marcia said the most difficult part was getting hold of the perfect colours, materials and appliances.

At least it didn't turn out like this (Post continues after the video)...

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She managed to purchase the corn cob curtains from a website that lets you customise your own pattern, which they print on fabric, describing it as an "unbelievable find".

"He is a huge Simpsons there was no discussion, nothing but, yes."

The most expensive part of the renovation so far has been fitting the blue-chequered floor, which is made from Marmoleum. It’s environmentally friendly and looks exactly like the floor from the famous kitchen. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

Right now, the couple are fitting their kitchen with bright coloured contact paper to mimic the cartoonish kitchen features. They’re still investing in some lime green cooking appliances and an orange slimline telephone to fulfil their Simpsons dream.

The Canadian couple are proud of their vibrant masterpiece and are delighted that it’s totally unique. Marcia told The Canadian Press it keeps taking them by surprise.

“It’s also not a renovation, I call it a retrovation. I like the colour, I love the style, it just delights us. We walked in the front door from a vacation two days ago and Joe took one look inside and said: 'my goodness, I forgot how cool our place was'."

What TV show's kitchen do you wish you had?

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